Sylvanian Families Popcorn Cart - 4610

Sylvanian Families Popcorn Cart - 4610
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Sylvanian Families Popcorn Cart is cute wagon selling sweets to Sylvanian children

Welcome to Sylvania, where the Sylvanian Families live an idyllic lifestyle. To add to your Sylvanian collection, the Sylvanian Families Popcorn Cart sells sweets and popcorn to all the children and is a terrific accessory for your Sylvanian Families Ice Cream van.

Features :

  • Over 15 pieces of sweets and popcorn are included, neatly stacked onto the Popcorn Cart they make for a very attractive display.
  • The Popcorn Cart can be pushed along Sylvanian streets with the handles and the cute pink canopy keeps the sun off the sweets.
  • Connectable with the Ice Cream van, the two items make a terrific mobile sweet and ice cream shop.
  • Figures are not included in this set and can be purchased separately.


 The Sylvanian Families Popcorn Cart - 4610 is favourite treat for Sylvanian Families children and is a great imaginative play set toy. Sylvanian Family toys are highly collectible and often passed on from generation to generation.