Scrabble Twists N Turns Game
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  • Age: 6 years +
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Scrabble Twists N Turns Game

Scrabble, with a twist N turn, is the only way to describe the Scrabble twists n Turns game. Without the limitations of the board you can play Scrabble Twists n Turns virtually anywhere. Not only did Scrabble Twists n Turns throw away the board they also threw away points and turned the tiles into discs! Otherwise, its exactly the same game as Scrabble traditional (available separately). The players make words any which way they can, up, down, sideways or diagonal, it doesn't matter. The first player to lay all the discs out into words wins. Fast paced and easy to play.


  • A fast and easy to play version of Scrabble.
  • Suitable for 2 or more players.
  • Contains 108 tiles plus rule book.

If Scrabble ever bored you, Scrabble Twists n Turn Game will put the buzz back into your scrabble.

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