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  • Recommended Age : 3 Years +

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This Wombat Toy Figure from Schleich Wild Life is a striking image of the popular grey-brown Australian marsupial.

Wombats are tiny marsupials that find their home in Australia, so chances are you might have seen one already! Much like this Schleich animal figure, they have a stocky body, remarkably short legs and a grey-brown fur. These creatures may not be agile due to their structure, but they can be impressively fast. They have sharp teeth like rodents, and wide paws with sickle-shaped claws use to dig tunnels and burrows when not looking for food. 

This Schleich animal toy has all the fine details that are distinct for the Wombat, starting from its faux hair strands on its coat, its mischievous grin that shows the rodent-like teeth, and the clawed feet. With careful attention to detail, the company was able to create a toy figure that sparks kids' imagination and one they'll treasure for years to come.


  • Schleich Wild Life Wombat Toy Figure is a beautiful rendition of the Australian marsupial, making it an excellent treat for play and educational use.
  • Wombat figurine is made with durable plastic and tested with the utmost care to meet national and international requirements.
  • Assists in developing a child's creativity and imagination through play
  • Great for creating an expansive Wild Life Collection along with the Schleich Red Panda and Schleich Quokka
  • Dimensions: 7.5cm x 2.7cm x 4.3cm (W x D x H)
  • Suitable for collectors ages 3 years onwards

If you don't have time to go outdoors, you and your child can catch a glimpse of this elusive digger through this Schleich Wild Life Wombat Toy Figure.