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  • Recommended Age : 3 Years +

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The Schleich Wild Life Male Chimpanzee Figure will swing its way to your animal figurine collection!

Designed after its real-life counterpart, this Schleich Wild Life Male Chimpanzee Figure supports itself with its knuckles as it poses for an adorable smile. It is often said that chimpanzees are human beings' closest living relatives, sharing more than 98% of genetic blueprint. Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals that can solve puzzles and utilise tools. In fact, they create spoon-like rods when scooping out honey and use stones when cracking open nuts! They place the middle phalanxes of their hands on the ground (called knuckle-walking) so they can avoid getting their fingers hurt. Just like the elephants, chimpanzees are one of the only animals that can recognise itself in the mirror!


With a creative and adaptable personality, this Schleich Wild Life Male Chimpanzee Figure will surely find its place in your Wild Life animal figurine collection!


  • The Schleich Wild Life Male Chimpanzee Figure is hand-painted with amazing details and is made from durable plastic.
  • Non-articulated.
  • Perfect for displays, collections and pretend play.
  • Collect other Schleich animal figurines and accessories to have your very own Wild Life collection (each sold separately).
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5cm x 5.2cm x 5.7cm
  • Suitable for 3 years and up.

Add the closest living relative of human beings that share over 98% of genetic blueprint into your animal figurine collection with the Schleich Wild Life Male Chimpanzee Figure.