Roll and Play Game by ThinkFun
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Roll and Play Game by ThinkFun is your Your Child's First Game

The Roll & Play game is the first game ever designed specifically for toddlers and its simplicity allows for a toddler to stay engaged for longer gaining more enjoyment, fun and education! The big plush cube is easy for toddlers to hold in their hands and wont do much damage if an errant throw goes in the wrong direction. The player is simply required to throw the dice, once it stops rolling the player then identifies the colour and picks up a card of that colour. Each card is printed with an image of an activity, for example, Moo like a cow, and the player simply performs that activity to complete their turn. 


  • Soft throw, easily handled dice.
  • Big easy to understand dice and activity cards.
  • Highly educational for the toddler and great bonding for Mum, Dad, Big Sisters and Brothers.


Such a simple idea with such great opportunities to include your toddler in the families fun and games night.