Ravensburger The Amazing Labyrinth Board Game
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Ravensburger The Amazing Labyrinth Board Game challenges kids to escape a maze

The Labyrinth board game is one of the favourites from Ravensburger. The game is simple in its brilliance with walls set up around the board to either block the player or you can try to get lucky and move the walls to escape the maze and block your opponent. Of course don't forget the treasure and watch out for the ghosts in the corridors. Is it a simple maze - yes, is at addictive fun - absolutely.


  • Make your way around the maze as fast as possible but don't forget to collect the treasure.
  • Rewards strategic thinking in young minds.
  • Perfect for 1 to 4 players of all ages 6 and great fun for the whole family to play.


Ravensburger is a maker of some very high-quality games and puzzles and the Labyrinth Board Game is no exception. 

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