Octonauts Barnacles and the Octopus Set
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  • Age: 3 years +
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Octonauts Barnacles and the Octopus Set - dive into Octonauts action!

The Fisher-Price Octonauts are a team of undersea adventurers exploring new worlds and protecting the oceans from Disney jr television. The Octonaughts must remain forever vigilant in case one of their ocean friends gets into trouble.

Barnacles, an essential member of the Octonaughts team, and Octopus are on their way to the Coral Reef where the only certainty is the adventures and thrills they will have along the way. Your young adventurer writes the story as it unfolds in the bath, the pool or in the pretend ocean on the dining room table.

Octonaughts are a much-loved attraction to young undersea adventurers all around the world and the Kwazii and Vampire squid set is absolutely no exception.


  • Fully positionable characters.
  • Octopus spots change colors as it makes it way through the murky depths with warm water.
  • Bring to life one of the favorite series on Disney today.

Dive into action today and ensure that Barnacles and Octopus succeed on your mission!