Mookie All Surface Soccer Swingball Set
Mookie All Surface Soccer Swingball Set

Mookie All Surface Soccer Swingball Set
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  • Age: 5 years +
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The Mookie All Surface Soccer Swingball Set - Soccer fun on any surface.

Does your young superstar love Soccer, wants to play in the A-League and even, dare we say it "bend it like Beckham"? Then this is a must-have for them. The Soccer swingball is easily transported and allows the young soccer superstar to practice practice practice and everybody knows that practice is how you perfect your game. Whether dribbling, trapping, kicking or even heading a ball is what you need to improve you can do it all, on any surface from your backyard to the beach, from the oval to the hills everywhere is your soccer pitch.


  • Soccer Swingball is great for practicing ball control and improves coordination.
  • Soccer Swingball has a brand new style base, a soccer ball and can be played on any surface.
  • Easily transported by removing the water/sand from the base.


Perfect for when the young soccer superstar wants to play and nobody is around, play alone and master the tricks of the game.