Melissa & Doug K's Kids 2 in 1 Talking Ball
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Melissa & Doug, K's Kids 2 in 1 Talking Ball can count and say letters!

If you do nothing else today you must take the time to look at this highly educational toy for your young child. Aimed at children that are learning to count and say letters the Talking Ball does both whilst working on your Childs co-ordination and gross motor skills at the same time.
The folding flaps are designed to be turned from letters to numbers and back again. Where you place them determines whether the ball is counting or speaking letters as it is passed backwards and forwards between you and your child.
  • Soft fabric covering to protect baby (and breakables) and about 20 cm in diameter.
  • Easily switched between Numbers and Letters.
  • Highly educational both physically and mentally but still sure to make your child smile as they have fun learning.

Perfect for the 6 months to 18 months plus age group.

Melissa and Doug are an enterprising company that makes high-quality educational toys that kids love..