La Dee Da Sweet Party Dee as Candy Dots O?????? Fun Doll

La Dee Da Sweet Party Dee as Dots O Fun Doll

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La Dee Da Sweet Party Dee as Dots O Fun Doll


Here’s the stitch-uation: La Dee Da is an outrageous fashion label created by a talented teen named Dee and her 3 BFFs. These girls find inspiration everywhere they look. Even ordinary things inspire HAUTE fashion and design ideas! Whether it’s shakeup makeup, fierce outfits, or crazy purple curls, Dee and her friends always go for the bold. La Dee Da invites real girls to create, imagine, and express themselves through a new kind of fashion play. It’s dee-licious!

How do New York’s trendiest, up-and-coming fashion designers celebrate a sweet 16th birthday? By creating the most amazing candy-themed outfits to wear to the party! Dee and her BFF’s are inspired by delicious treats like peppermint, lollipops, and cotton candy. Next, they add outrageous hair, makeup and accessories. It’s the perfect recipe for a SWEET birthday bash !
Includes :
1 Doll, 1 Fashion, 1 Party gift & 1 Pair of shoes