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  • Recommended Age : 7 years +

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John Adams Gross Science Kit is disgustingly awesome

The John Adams Gross Science Kit is designed to make adults gag and kids grin with it's 12 disgustingly awesome experiments, kids won't be able to resist learning all about science. 

Features :

  • The John Adams Gross Science Kit is chock a block full of revolting experiments such as making your own scabs, concocting your very own eyeball and the more sedate farts, burps and wobbly brains your kids willl create.
  • This kit will appeal to kids who enjoy chemistry and science as well as completely grossing out their family and friends.
  • The kit includes : A pair of safety goggles, a fart putty powder, a boil sheet, a syringe, a cotton bud, fake maggots, a stomach model, a wooden stick, 2 plastic cups, a poo mould, a scoop, snot powder, a fart/burp canister and lid, a sponge, vomit glue, wax paper, 2 eyeball moulds, 2 eyeball powder colours, an iris ball, 2 brain/finger moulds, red, yellow and green powdered colouring and an instruction leaflet


Let your kids get revoltingly engrossed in their science experiments with the disgustingly awesome John Adams Gross Science Kit.