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Hairy MacLary's Hat Tricks by Lynley Dodd

  • Age: 0 to 4 years
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It's a blusterous, gusterous, dusterous day and Hairy Maclary is ready to play. So he trots down to the park where, while enjoying a game of catch, he comes across a windblown wedding party. Poor Grandmother Pugh (a vision in blue) tries to hold onto her hat, but the wind whistles through it and blows it clean away. It's no problem for Hairy Maclary, though! Off he shoots to the rescue, chasing the hat high and low until . . . 'with a swoop and a flurry of black, he caught it and carried it all the way back!'

' A child's best introduction to books' – The Times 

Written in Lynley Dodd's poetic style, this is a book your child will remember for long after they have outgrown it.

Paperback : 32 Pages