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Football Game by Orchard Toys - or Soccer Game as we would call it in Australia is an Award Winner

The Football Game By Orchid Toys (or Soccer Game in Australia) pits player against player on the pitch (The field in Australia) with the aim being to score a goal to win the game! It's a little bit like snakes and ladders with the ball being moved backwards and forwards depending on your spin and where you land. Just like in real soccer, scoring that first goal isn't as easy as it looks.

Being from Orchard Toys you can be sure that their toys have an educational slant with the Football Game being no exception. Players develop number and counting skills whilst also focusing on social skills being a multi-player game.


  • A fun game for soccer enthusiasts when its just to wet to play the real game.
  • A great fun learning aid for Numbers and Counting.
  • Suitable for 2 - 4 players ages 5 and up.

Every young Footballer (Soccer here in Australia) will love The Football Game by Orchard Toys.


2012 Right Start Gold Award Winner.