Edu-Toys - Digital Microscope
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  • Age: 8 years +
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This microscope magnifies about 100x which means the image on the computer screen is about 100 times as large as the object you are viewing. This high power will show features that your eye cannot see.

You can focus the image so that it is very clear and then save it to your computer. If you have imaging software, like PICASA the images you collect can be edited and enhanced to highlight different features.

You can explore plants, rocks, clothing & other materials in amazing close-up! Try looking at your skin and hair as well!

A microscope is a tool and there are ways to use tools to get the most out of them. Read the tips and hints in the manual to find out how to become an expert at exploring the microscope world!

  • Easy to capture image & video into your PC via USB!
  • 100x zoom!


  • Eye-scope
  • Stand
  • Viewing cup
  • Prepared micro slides