Buy Dinotrux Hero Revitt Online at Toy Universe
Buy Dinotrux Hero Revitt Online at Toy Universe

Dinotrux Hero Revitt
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  • Age: 3 years +
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Dinotrux Hero Revitt has a tool for anything that needs fixing

Dinotrux ruled the world during the Mechazoic Era, a world where their dinosaur hybrid mechanical bodies worked perfectly with each other in teams to achieve all sorts of challenges. If not for D-Structs and his minions the Dinotrux would have lived in peace for many years, however the Reptools need to band together and use their teamwork and friendship to defeat D-Structs plans. The  Dontrux Reptool Revitt is prepared for any eventuality with a tool that will fix the issue, he rides smoothly on his wheels wherever anyone needs him.

Features :

  • Dinotrux Hero Revitt is a cool looking Dintrux who is prepared to fix anything anywhere using the tools that make up parts of his body.
  • Use his tongue which is a measuring tape to ensure you get all your measurements right.
  • The spinning drill bit on the end of his tail can be used to drill and tighten screws.
  • When you need a different drill head, just choose one from the selection on his back.
  • Kids will enjoy hearing authentic Dinotrux sounds and phrases as they play with Revitt.
  • Revitt has specially designed wheels which make him move just like in the TV show.


The Dinotrux Hero Revitt is an awesome Dinotrux toy that will keep kids engaged for hours of fun.