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Crayola Dual Sided Dry Erase Board includes more than 11 dry erase art tools

Crayola is one of the biggest and most innovative names in arts and crafts and every one of their products is focused not only only on a fun experience for the child but also an educational experience as well.

The Crayola Dual Sided Dry Erase Board first made an appearance in the world of catering and restaurants where menus are changed with specials and so on. Well, now it has made it to your childs craft table. With one side black and the other white there is no end to the masterpieces your child can create, don't like the look of your elephants trunk, wipe it off and start again, touch it up or wipe it completely, it's entirely your call.


  • Includes 8 large size Dry Erase Crayons, 1 crayon sharpener and a machine washable wiping mitt.
  • Create artworks as a group, gives a whole new meaning to the chinese whispers game when you add art.
  • Crayola quality in every piece.

For every child that loves drawing, this easy to use and portable board and colouring crayons is a must have in every craft corner.

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