Cranium Board Game
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  • Recommended Age : 16 years +

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Cranium Board Game challenges your whole brain and is a great party game

So you're not great at impersonating famour actors, but great with words, or maybe you're at your best when doing something creative whilst you're Dad is all about facts and knowledge - Cranium is the game for everyone. With a variety of acitvities everyone gets a turn to shine at their favourite activity.

Cranium is a team game, which is what makes it super fun at parties. The first team to successfully complete the board are the Winners !

Features :

  • This refreshed version of Cranium includes over 600 new activity cards so if you've played before, this is going to be a brand new experience.
  • Each square of the board corresponds to a coloured card with an activity, complete the activity successfully before the timer runs out and you're rolling onto the next spot.
  • The game includes : game board, 600 activity cards covering 14 activities, a ten-sided Cranium die, a tub of cool Cranium Clay, timer, Cranium pads with pencils and four Cranium play pieces.
  • Cranium can be played with 4 to 16 players and is suitable for players from 16 years old.


Challenge your friends and family to a game of Cranium at your next party or sleepover and have some fun whilst using the whole of your brain.