Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 Blast Game - Buy Online
Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 Blast Game - Buy Online
Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 Blast Game - Buy Online
Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 Blast Game - Buy Online

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  • Recommended Age : 8 years +

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The Connect 4 Blast Game is a combination of the classic Connect 4 and the exciting Nerf dart blasting!

What do you get when you mix Connect 3 and Nerfs? The Connect 4 Blast Game of course! This new exciting game keeps players active by letting them shoot at the coloured discs with the included Nerf Blaster and Nerf foam darts whilst keeping the goal of getting their colour's 4 discs in a row. This game doesn't only require strategy but also accuracy. The players can put the blasted out discs inside the loading tray on top of the grid and continue the game as the discs fall.

Complete with parts to build the Connect 4 grid, blue, red and yellow discs, Nerf blasters and colour-coded Nerf foam darts, this two-player Connect 4 Blast Game will surely add an exciting new twist to your child's playtime!


  • The Connect 4 Blast Game includes:
    • 1 Grid
    • 2 Tower Inserts
    • 2 Nerf Blasters
    • 8 Darts
    • 20 Blue Discs
    • 10 Red Discs
    • 10 Yellow Discs
    • 1 Game Rules Sheet
  • A new and exciting new twist to the Connect 4 Game mixed with Nerf dart blasting.
  • Build the Connect 4 Grid and start playing!
  • Made to be played by 2 players.
  • Product Dimensions: 40cm x 28.3m x 6.4cm
  • Cation: Do not aim at eyes - players are recommended to use eyewear (not included) when playing.
  • Only use official Nerf darts as other darts may not work with the included blaster.
  • Suitable for kids from 8 years and older.

Introduce a thrilling twist to game night or your child's playtime with the Connect 4- Nef hybrid, the Connect 4 Blast Game!