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  • Recommended Age : 3 Years +

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Get to know the marine reptiles of the past with the Pliosaurus Toy Figure from CollectA. 

The Pliosaurus came from the family of reptiles. It had a long neck, sleek body, small head, and broad flippers which may look more like a snake and a turtle combined. This extinct reptile from the Jurassic period cruised under the sea with just two fore-flippers while having a back pair for extra speed.

CollectA captures this prehistoric animal to life with its mouth wide open as it seems to swim and capture its prey. Scientists believed that it ate fish, squids, clams, snails, and other small sea creatures and behaved like the turtles of today. 


  • CollectA, with the help of experts and palaeontologists from across the globe, brings you a factually accurate replica of the Pliosaurus
  • Beautifully hand-painted in a scheme similar to that of modern marine animals in a counter-shaded grading with a dark green on top and lighter colours underneath
  • Encourages creative play and sparks kid’s curiosity about animals of the past
  • Part of CollectA’s Prehistoric Life collection along with other extinct creatures
  • Dimensions: 31cm x 6cm
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and up

Complete your child’s prehistoric marine animal collection with the CollectA Prehistoric Life Deluxe 1:40 Scale  Pliosaurus Animal Figure.