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  • Recommended Age : 3 Years +

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The CollectA Prehistoric World Moropus Dinosaur Figure represents the muscled mammal that could pack a punch.

Moropus is a prehistoric creature related to the modern horse, the rhino, and the tapir. However, unlike horses, it has claws instead of hoofs with the forelimbs longer than the hindlimb.

This CollectA toy figure is a realistic representation of this hoofed mammal. Through careful research on existing specimens, the professional team was able to bring this animal to life in miniature. In this depiction, the large claws on the front feet can be clearly seen. These claws are said to be used in digging up plant roots and tubers as well as for defending themselves against attackers.


  • The CollectA Prehistoric World Moropus Dinosaur Figure is an amazing 1:20 large model that features the herbivorous hoofed mammal from the Miocene era.
  • Created under the supervision of palaeontologists to create an accurate depiction of its real-life counterpart
  • Perfect for roleplay and instructional purposes such as dioramas, exhibits and more.
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Dimensions: 13.1cm x 13.3cm

Add variety to your child's prehistoric collection with this rare depiction of the Moropus in 1:20 scale from CollectA's lineup.