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  • Recommended Age : 3 Years +

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CollectA Gift Set Dinosaur Wonders showcases four different pieces in one packaging that makes a great addition to your child's growing dinosaur collection.

One of the items in the set is a CollectA Baryonyx figure with a claw replica that resembles the discovered fossil remain. The Baryonyx is a predator known for its large curved claw, presumed to be its asset in securing prey. 

The second dino is a figure of CollectA Triceratops with a horn replica. Being a popular dinosaur of the Jurassic period, the Triceratops had appeared in various forms of media. They are best known for their huge skull and tri-horn details.


  • CollectA Gift Set Dinosaur Wonders is suitable for project displays, exhibits and as a fun toy set for children.
  • Kids delve deep into research after they became curious about the nature of their dinosaur toys.
  • Created with PVC plastic and other non-toxic materials
  • Dimensions (set): 29 x 23 x 8cm
  • Triceratops figure measurement: 18 x 8cm
  • Baryonyx figure measurement: 19 x 8cm
  • Suitable for ages 3+

CollectA Gift Set Dinosaur Wonders is perfect assortment gift for kids with a growing dinosaur toy collection.