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  • Recommended Age : 3 Years +

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CollectA Gift Set Box of Mini Dinosaur 1 is the 1st assortment of mini dinosaur figures for your child's imaginative play.

The set contains ten different paleontologist-approved dinosaur miniature, all with scientifically-accurate details. Children can now carry these toys with the reusable transparent tube case. This whole assortment includes dinosaur figures with a size that ranges from 3cm to 5cm.

CollectA was able to create figures of dinosaurs having lifelike details with the help of scientists who studied fossil evidence for years. Perfectly scaled, no piece from this group of miniature would seem disproportionate, and each toy supplements the other in a setting. Due to their small sizes and the clear tube casing, your child can bring them conveniently to school for their science presentation.


  • CollectA Gift Set Box of Mini Dinosaur 2 is suitable for project displays, pretend habitats and as a learning toy for children.
  • This 1st set of mini dinosaurs from CollectA contains the following:
    • 1 Baryonyx
    • 1 Mosasaurus
    • 1 Pachycephalosaurus
    • 1 Parasaurolophus
    • 1 Pteranodon
    • 1 Stegosaurus
    • 1 Triceratops
    • 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • 1 Kentrosaurus
    • 1 Diplodocus
  • Dimensions: 27cm x 4.2cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 years old and up

CollectA Gift Set Box of Mini Dinosaur 1 is an all-in-one assortment of dinosaur figures that further enhances an already fantastic collection of animal toys.