Beyblade Burst Single Top - Doomscizor V2
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  • Recommended Age : 8 Years +

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Beyblade Burst Single Top - Doomscizor V2 is perfect for instant battles

Bring your best battle game with the Beyblade Burst Single Top - Doomscizor V2 which includes a defense top, performance tip and forge disc -  everything you need to start battling.

Each Beyblade Burst top comes with a scannable code which you use to scan the top into the Beyblade Burst app and play online, the more you collect the more your online game improves as well as the real world game, where you can send your opponents Beyblade Burst tops flying and burst them into multiple layers.

Features :

  • Beyblade Burst have been designed to be awesome battle tops both online and offline. Build your Beyblade Burst top with the Beyblade Burst Starter Pack - Doomscizor V2 and see who will be the ultimate champion.
  • When you're friends have gone home, scan your tops into the free App and play online.
  • The Beyblade Burst Single Top - Doomscizor V2 includes the whole top which is built from the following layers:
    • 1 x Doomscizor V2 (aka Dark Doomscizor) Energy Layer
    • 1 x D13 (aka Oval) Forge Disc
    • 1 x TA01 (aka Accel) Performance Tip
  • App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – IOS8.0 or later required -- and Android devices.


Get your batttle gear on and build a winning Beyblade Burst Single Top - Doomscizor V2.