Apples to Apples Game
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Apples to Apples Game is a fun party game for kids

The Apples to Apples Game is a fun party game for kids, and will have groups of 4 to 10 kids yelling in delight as they play this game of wild combinations.

Two decks of cards, green and red let kids compare and come up with wildly funny combinations.


  • As easy as comparing Apples to Apples, this card game is quick to pick up and easy to play.
  • Each player is dealt cards, and a card is placed in the center by another player. Combine the best match from the cards in your hand, then you place your choice in the center.
  • 4 - 10 players.
  • Officially ages up to 99 years but the reality is any age 3 up can play especially teamed with a parent for younger players.

The Apples to Apples Game is a great game for groups of friends and family.