Air Hogs Hyper Disc - Spiral
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  • Recommended Age : 8 years +

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Air Hogs Hyper Disc - Spiral lets you own the skies

Kids can take this awesome inflatable disc outside and be the master of the skies. The Air Hogs Hyper Disc - Spiral is 3 feet of awesome fun, toss it just like a frisbee and watch as it floats gently to the ground in case you miss catching it.  Toss it just the right way for it to hover it and spin it. Lighweight and collapsible this Air Hogs Hyper Disc - Spiralwill become a favourite toy in no time at all.

Features :

  • The Air Hogs Hyper Disc - Spiral is a lightweight, inflatable flying disc measuring over 3 feet in diameter.
  • Inflate your Air Higs Hyper Disc with the included straw or fill it with helium to get even more air.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to toss it, roll it, flip it, bounce it and perform tricks.
  • The Hyper Disc flies long distances and floats like a blimp, your kids will love mastering the art of the Hyper Disc toss.
  • Available in 4 designs, this version has a spiral lines design.


Let your kids take flight with this awesome Air Hogs Hyper Disc - Spiral.