Addict a Ball 3D Maze Game - Large
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  • Recommended Age : 6 years +

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Addict a Ball 3D Maze Game - Large has 138 maze stages which you need to beat

The Addict a Ball Maze Game is a combination of puzzle and game all in one and it will challenge your brain as much as your dexterity. The transparent orb contains a small metal ball which you need to guide through a 3D maze of platforms, holes and spirals. WARNING : this game can be addictive and sometimes frustrating, approach all 138 maze steps with caution !

Features :

  • 19cm in diameter this ball contains 138 3D maze stages which the ball must pass through for you to win the game.
  • Play the game by twisting, turning, tilting the orb to get the metal ball to slide up and down through arches, down holes, over suspended platforms and more
  • Perfect for players from the age of 6 years through to adult, this game is truly addictive.
  • Anyone can play, anywhere, with no batteries just a huge level of concentration.
  • The Addict a Ball also comes in a smaller game of 100 stages for those wanting to try the game on a slightly easier level.


The Addict a Ball 3D Maze Game - Large is a terrific brain teasing game that will test your planning, dexterity and concentration at every turn.