Our Classic Layby is closed and will not be available until late 2020.


Toy Layby for Christmas



Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments for up to 6 months

  Make secure automatic payments using your credit or debit card

  Pay off early or make extra payments for added flexibility

  10% deposit required

  Available on a limited number of toys.


Layby Frequently Asked Questions

I've filled my cart how do I put it on layby ?

Click on your cart when you are finished shopping and click on the Layby Now button, follow the prompts to place your layby. The Layby Now button is shown below :


Layby Now button

I put items in my cart and the Layby / Partial.ly button is not showing ? 

Not all Toy Universe products are available to Layby, if you have a non Layby product in your cart, our system will not allow you to checkout with the Layby options. We suggest you remove the item which is not eligible and try again.

To view all items which are available on Layby please visit our Layby Toys Collection.

Layby has a minimum order of $50 so if your cart is below $50 the Layby Now button will not appear.

Can I use bank deposit to pay for my layby ?

No, the Toy Universe layby system only allows customers to use credit or debit cards to pay for scheduled payments.

I want to make sure my Layby arrives before Christmas, what do I do ?

For pre-Christmas delivery please ensure your layby is paid off before 5th December 2019. Our layby system allows early payout and making additional payments to give you more flexibility.

I am not sure what to put on Layby, what if my kids change their minds ?

Our new Toy Layby is flexible so if you are unsure on what your kids will want but want to start paying off their Christmas toys simply place a Toy Universe eGift Card into your layby.  

If you choose to place our layby items into your layby please note that changes can only be made up to 4 weeks prior to the completion of your payments. Cancellations incur a cancellation fee which is non refundable and further details are available in the Toy Layby agreement.


How do payments work, do I have to make them or are they automatically debited ?

When you set up your layby you have a choice to pay your layby weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Payments are scheduled according to your preference and automatically debited from your card on the scheduled date of payment. You can make additional payments on your layby, but you are unable to skip a scheduled payment.

If funds are not available at the time of the scheduled payment our system will continue to debit your card three times until successful payment is made. If successful payment is not made your layby may be cancelled.

Can I have more than one layby at a time ?

Yes, you can have as many layby orders as you like.

I need to change my shipping address, what do I do ?

To change shipping details of your order, please call our friendly Customer Service team on 1300 961 747 and they will assist you. Please contact us with change of address details before the end of your layby.

Do you send my order now or do I have to wait ?

Our Layby is a classic store layby, where your order is shipped only after your payments are completed.

If you wish to purchase using one of our four Buy Now Pay Later systems please visit this PAGE.

Can I change my order ?

Once your order is placed and your layby has started we are unable to change items in your order.

If you are unsure if your kids will still like the toys in the order when your layby finishes, we recommend placing a Gift Card on layby, which will allow you to then purchase the latest toys when your layby finishes.

Can I cancel my lay-by ?

You can cancel your lay-by for two weeks after the lay-by is placed without incurring cancellation fees. If you need to cancel your lay-by after this point a cancellation fee of 25% of the value of your lay-by will be charged and the remainder of your re-payments will be refunded. Cancellation fees are charged to cover the cost of storing your lay-by and returning the items into stock. Please choose carefully or place Gift Cards on lay-by to purchase from our entire toy range.