Clay, Dough and Sand Art

Clay, dough and sand art kits for kids are terrific ways for kids to design and create in 3 dimensions using products made especially for little hands.
Playdoh and Crayola are the leaders in kids dough and clay craft sets, with Playdoh a classic craft toy that every kid plays with at some point in their life. For older kids the Robot Dough Kits and Race Car Dough Kits provide more of a challenge, whilst Skwooshi is for those kids that love to stretch their dough - Skwooshi simply won't break or dry out and the glitter is super cool.
Kinectic Sand and Sands Alive will have your kids playing and creating with this unique sand with no mess.
Check out our full range of clay, dough and sand art kits and let your kids be entertained for hours.


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