Zuru Microboats have arrived and are destined to be the Hot Wheels of the Water

By Toy Tester Dad - October 12, 2016

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2018 Update - Zuru Microboats are no longer available in Australia, so check out our massive range of toy boats and toy cars as alternatives.

With Summer weather just around the corner it’s time to think about water toys and activities that make keeping cool super fun for your children and their friends.

We were lucky enough to have a really warm spring day when we tested out the Zuru Micro Boats and Zuru Micro Boats Racing Track Playset from Toy Universe. Myself, 6 year old Lucas and his friend Tom made the most of the opportunity to get wet on what was an unseasonably hot day.

The Zuru Micro Boats are a range of 4 different colour boats that are roughly the size of a hot wheels car and are designed to look like the boats that you might see being raced in speed trials on the rivers and lakes of Australia. Each boat is sold separately and are powered by little engines that are built into each one and include batteries (LR44 button batteries). The manufacturers claim, that if the size was scaled up to a full size boat then they would be capable of reaching speeds of just under 1000 km/h! With the current water speed record being just over 510 km/h where not sure about the mathematics, but regardless, we reckon they move across the water at a respectable pace. In fact, when the boats ran into each other from the side (as Lucas did with remarkable regularity) the boat would get airborne and jump over the other.

The Zuru Micro Boats have a number of unique features that make them easy to use and great fun for ages 3 plus. First the boats are fitted with a bumper on the bow that detects when they come into contact with a solid wall and automatically reverses away from the obstruction before continuing on. Each boat has a rudder tab to enable control over the direction the boat travels in making them able to spin in 360 degree circles or straight lines or, as was the case when I was trying them out, about half way between both.

Of course, with that type of speed and manoeuvrability it wasn’t long until Lucas and Tom turned to racing against each other. In a straight line each boat is just as fast as the other but introduce the challenge of the Racing Track Playset and the skills of the driver come into play in determining the winner.

The Racing Track Playset is a figure 8 clear plastic racetrack that you fill with water for the boats to race around. The clear plastic enables the competitors to see what their boats are doing underwater as well as above. The boats are launched by the competitors using the boat crane before racing off around nearly 2 metres of racetrack. Whilst racing, the competitors need to watch out for walls, and obstacles like the shark that can swallow your boat in one gulp!

The Zuru Micro Boats will work in any water including the bath or pool (where Tom and Lucas are currently trying to navigate into the skimmer box) but the Racing track Playset adds an awesome dimension of fun and a great way for kids to race off with their mates.

If you are looking for a great fun water toy for your child that isn’t just another pool toy then we think the Zuru Micro Boats are a real fun way to splash around and best of all, being “micro” can be set up in small backyards or veranda’s where space is at a minimum as the track is only needs a 60cm by 30cm space.

We had a great afternoon playing with the Zuru Micro Boats and Racing Track Playset and can see any child aged 3 – 9 plus having just as much fun this summer as we did. Think of them as the Hot Wheels of the water!