Why Wooden Toys Are Great For Your Kids

With fancy new elaborate toys coming out time after time, you might think wooden toys are a thing of the past. But, let me tell you, wooden toys aren’t going away any time soon! The simplicity of wooden toys actually means they’ve got a ton of benefits, not just for the environment, but in helping your child’s development too. Why should you consider wooden toys for your kids? Well, here are just a few reasons that may surprise you: 

Safety first! 

You may notice your babies and toddlers love to explore the world by putting things in their mouths. So we want to keep our little ones away from commonly used chemicals like BPA and phthalates. One big benefit to wooden toys is that they are made from natural, raw materials that are free from such chemicals and can even have natural antibacterial properties. They’re also pretty durable no matter how crazy the kids go with them, so there is less chance of your kid getting hurt from sharp broken shards. Some great wooden toy brands include Melissa & Doug, and Brio

Stimulates the senses 

When your children play, it’s important to have toys that stimulate their senses. That’s why wooden toys are so great! Your children will love to play with and explore the unique textures, weird sounds, special smells, and different weights their wooden toys have. They’re usually a bit heavier than other toys which means children have to exert more effort and pay more attention to their play. Feel it for yourself in Wooden instruments, stacking toys, and pull-along toys - which are all great for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Keepin’ it simple

While battery-operated toys can be fun, they can also be noisy and sometimes overwhelming. It’s good to balance out that high stimulation with old-fashioned playtime. Wooden toys can be just as fun while teaching the kids to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures. Your kids will be less distracted whilst playing with wooden toys and you might even find them more calm because of this. Research shows that children explore more quiet, higher-quality play through wooden toys than any other material. Because the designs are simple, they allow for open-ended no-instructions-needed playtime. Your kids can come up with their own rules on how to play, how the toys should sound, and what stories they should have. This kind of imaginative play is great for developing their reasoning and collaboration skills.

Lasts (over) a lifetime! 

The latest fad toys are great and all, but you just know wooden toys will never go out of fashion. Because wooden toys are more durable and involve open-ended imaginative play, they can easily be passed down to siblings or even generations. Not to mention, the wooden minimal look of the toys can be quite aesthetic so it wouldn’t look too weird if you repurposed them as decorative objects or heirlooms! I personally love Plan Toys simple yet beautiful wooden toys that don’t make the house look like a messy playpen! If you want to invest in toys that will last longer than one child, wooden toys are definitely the way to go!

Heal the world 

Now the most obvious reason you might consider wooden toys is because it is better for the environment. After all, they are made from a naturally renewable resource, which is recyclable and biodegradable. The world is changing and we are valuing the world we live in a lot more. It’s great that wooden toys are built to last through generations instead of being thrown out after your kids grow out of them. But even if they are thrown out to the landfill, the wood decomposes a lot quicker than other materials so you won’t have to worry about them being there after a few hundred years. AND your child is sure to feel more connected to the natural world too!

With all of these benefits to your child’s playtime and development, you can’t go wrong with wooden toys! From wooden building blocks to wooden pull toys and puzzles, each wooden toy is great for prompting better quality playtime, and is safe and sustainable. Have a go at giving your child a wooden toy and watch the benefits unfold!