Readt2Robot Reveal

By Toy Tester Dad - August 11, 2018

Readt2Robot Reveal

You may not have heard of Ready2Robot as yet but these little guys are about to hit our TV screens shortly. We had an afternoon free so we decided to open up one of these rather chunky surprise toys and see what was hiding inside.

Ready2Robot surprise toys start off life in a hexagonal, wrapped plastic container and look just like this :

Ready2Robot Packaging

To unwrap the Ready2Robot you simply peel off the plastic packaging to reveal a large brown hexagonal tube with four layers

Opening the Ready2Robot outer plastic

Once we peeled off the plastic outer, we started off by following instructions and pressing on the Open Here button which popped off the top layer relatively easily. Inside were three plastic packages - so more unwrapping, awesome for kids who enjoy the unwrapping process - little frustrating for those kids wanting to get to the toy already.

First Layer of the Ready to Robot

We kept on unwrapping all of the four layers to reveal a giant mess of toy, plastic and packaging below, this is one of the more disappointing parts of this toy as the amount of plastic waster is significant. It certainly took some time to open each layer, it is not a quick unwrapping toy so kids will get some value out of discovering each layer, how to open it and what is hiding inside

All of the insides of the Ready2Robot before construction began

We quickly discovered we had missed an entire layer which was hiding the pilot and his bucket of slime definitelyly the coolest part of the toy so far. The giant button containing the slimed pilot is quite hard to open so younger kids may need some help in setting their pilot free.

Being kids at heart we immediately set to opening the slime bucket, seriously who can resist a bucket of slime, especially when you can see a figure hiding in the green goo inside. We were pleasantly surprised as to how easily the slime slid off the figure, with no residue and slid back into the bucket - after we had finished playing around with it of course. This part of the Ready2Robot made the toy for us, without it, the toy would have been so so, but the slime makes it awesome fun.

This is the pilot after being set free from his slime prison bucket but before we peeled the slime off him :

Ready2Robot Pilot coming out of his slime bucket

Once all the components were out, organised and de-slimed we put the Robot together and placed his Pilot in the center. We only opened one of these Surprise Toys but you can mix and match arms and legs to make your own robots. 

Overall we give it a 7.5 out of 10 for overall value. This toy will suit kids who are into imaginative play and will enjoy building their robot army over time as they collect each Ready2Robot. Boys may enjoy the fact that they have a cool version of the LOL Surprise Dolls so many girls collect.

The final toy revealed after being set free from his hexagonal cage - we couldn't resist covering him back in some slime 

Ready2Robot Insides Revealed

 If this toy sounds like fun for your child, you can purchase it HERE for $17.99



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