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By Toy Tester Dad - June 13, 2017

Boggle Slam from Shuffle Cards

Whether you are travelling for 24 hours to Europe, camping for the weekend or just driving across town to see Grandma, parents are constantly battling to keep their children entertained and happy as boredom sets in quickly, especially if the tablets are out of range or worse, out of charge.

Whilst you recharge the Android or Apple tablet, the range of games from Shuffle Cards is the perfect solution for child entertainment when travelling. No Batteries, No Screen (at least not yet) and a convenient carry case that is roughly 3cm deep and 10cm x 5cm, easily small enough to fit a few in the glove box in case of emergency.

Travel Monopoly from Shuffle CardsBoggle Slam from Shuffle Cards

The two options we have today are the traditional fun games of Monopoly and Boggle Slam. Both are suitable for 2 – 4 players and take about 15 minutes per game, depending on the number of players. With 4 players, we found this was closer to 30 minutes. Monopoly is recommended for ages 4 plus and the Boggle Slap is ages 8 plus.

Both games have traditional names that we all know and love, but the team at Shuffle Cards have modified the games to make them easy to play in a confined space like a tent, car or plane, so you will need to familiarise yourself with the simple changes by reading the clear instructions or watching the easy to follow quick start video.

The aim of Monopoly and Boggle Slam is the same as the traditional games, with Monopoly, acquire property and wealth and with Boggle Slam, Spell 4 letter words and be the first to use all of your cards.

We recently had a 90 minute drive across town that had all the hallmarks of a nightmare when both Emily and Ben had forgotten to charge their tablets, not that it would have helped much as the signal is intermittent at best where we were heading so the beloved Netflix were going to be problematic at best.

At 8 and 10 respectively, Ben and Emily were familiar with the games, and after we went through the subtle changes to the rules to make them a travel friendly game we set off playing Boggle Slam. Emily and I teamed up because, in his words, Ben “knows all the spelling.” Boggle is simple, the first player to get rid of all their cards by spelling 4 letter words, using at least one card from the previous word, wins. As a parent this game ticks a few boxes, it’s educational, portable and fun. I watched as Emily took my hints and sounded out words, trying to master her spelling from the phonetic sounds. Not surprisingly Ben was able to win, disposing of his last card when Emily still had 2 remaining.

Monopoly is a different game altogether. It does focus a little more on strategy and teaches children about numbers, money and counting. But mostly it is just fun.

The Monopoly game is also slightly different from the full board game but it is just as fun. There are 3 types of cards in each pack, Token Cards (just like the tokens in full size Monopoly), Money Cards and Property Cards. Just like the full size Monopoly, the aim is to collect properties, extract rent and amass a fortune. Property plus fortune equals winner.

We played Monopoly for almost half an hour and everyone had fun, there were a few ultra-competitive moments but all in all, everyone had a great time and before we knew it we were only 20 minutes from our destination, without a single whine coming from the back seat.

Now the tablets were charged, and we were back in the signal so I quickly downloaded the free App (on Google Play and the iTunes Store) by searching Shuffle Cards, now Ben and Emily can access extended play versions on their tablets to further enhance these games. The App is also where you will find the Quick Launch Video so you might want to download this first.

The travel range of games from Shuffle Cards is the perfect answer to keeping children happy when travelling or just hanging out in the park or camping, wherever. The games a simplified and quick to play to avoid boredom and keep the children happy and the free Apps expand the value so much further. We loved reviewing the Shuffle Cards range and we are sure they will add another weapon to your arsenal when fighting child travel boredom.

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