Torch the Fire Breathing Baby Dragon has landed and he is already a fave

By Toy Tester Dad - June 07, 2016

Torch the Fire Breathing Baby Dragon has landed and he is already a fave

About 6 months ago the folks at Toy Universe were all excited about the Furreal Torch Dragon that had made his debut at the Toy Fair, they LOVED him !

So when the Furreal Friends Torch My Blazing Dragon arrived for review, I will admit I thought about sneaking off with it before my mini testers arrived, according to my wife “that wouldn’t be very fair now would it?” so I waited for the mini testers to get home for school. I will admit I watched an excessive number of videos about the Furreal Friends Torch as I counted the minutes down to the school bus.

So what did I learn about Torch whilst trolling the internet and playing at Toy Fair, here's a sneak peak

The Hasbro Furreal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon (or Torch to his mates) is AWESOME especially if your child (or husband) is into fire breathing, interactive, marshmallow toasting dragons and even if they’re not, Torch is still a winner.

So who is Torch and why is he awesome? Torch is from the Furreal Friends range and is a leap into the next generation of robotic toys. With over 50 individual sounds and a similar number of movements the new Furreal range is truly interactive. Torch is cuddly cute and quite frankly “adorable” in a way only a mother could love, but he is also ferocious and brave with “fire breathing” capabilities.

Of course, being a dragon, Torch is somewhat magical with his fire breathing being legendary in storybooks and fables. Hasbro have really created some magic here with cold mist being breathed from his mouth and lit by the red LED Light glowing from the mouth it truly looks like he is breathing fire. Torch does need a feed from time to time and when he gets hungry you better have his marshmallow (included) ready to roast. Here the Hasbro magic continues as the cold steam from Torches mouth slowly roasts the marshmallow turning it a crispy brown colour.

Finally 4pm rocks around and the kids come running in ready to eat and then review toys. In anticipation I have laid out their snacks so we didn’t waste any unnecessary time. Of course, we did waste time with Toy Industry packaging but I don’t think that will ever change. Approx. 30 twist ties later and 4 “C” batteries (not included) our Blue and Orange Gremlin like dragon was out and ready to go.

Torch was every bit as much fun as I was told from Toy Fair and every child, aged 4 to almost 16 wanted to have a go. Admittedly the teenage children thought it was cool but quickly wandered off to Snapchat or Facebook leaving 3 children under the age of 10 playing with Torch for the afternoon.

Torch is very intuitive for younger minds and your husband should be able to ask the kids to explain it and it wasn’t long until they had Torch roasting marshmallows, and Torch had his belly full. Our 8-year-old neighbour did declare that Torch would be awesome to roast his sisters Barbie with, with the expected result.

Much to my disappointment, and perhaps at the instigation of my wife, Torch went home with my neighbours and was last seen boarding the school bus this morning.

Torch is a winner for boys and girls aged about 5 or so and up to about 12 years old and is sure to be one of the best sellers of 2016. Later this year Torch will be challenged by Furreal Bootsie Kitten who is cuddly and a little more “adorable” than a fire breathing dragon. Bootsie should be available in the 3rd Quarter in Australia and hopefully we get the chance to review her as well.