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By Toy Tester Dad - October 20, 2015

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Boys toys are designed specifically for your boys and whilst there's plenty of girls who would love playing with these, they have been chosen for their ultimate boy toy appeal.  If you're looking for the best boys toys for 2015 in Australia, look no further, we've compiled the top 10 boys toys in one place.

So here we go, in no particular order are our picks for the Top 10 Boys Toys :

1. Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset - this playset wins hands down as an awesome boys toys. Thunderbirds Are Go have been re-released for 2015 with a brand new TV show that is fast becoming a favourite with kids. The Tracy Island Playset is massive, it has sounds, launch sequences, sliding pool that reveals a rocket launcher and absolutely awesome set that can be added to with other Thunderbirds toys


2. Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch - Blue - along with pinkand white colours, the Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watches have won multiple toy and parenting awards in 2015. Combining a camera with a smart touch screen watch face means your child can be creative with their photos, tell the time and play games all on one simple device.


3. Eyespy Eagle RC Helicopter with Video - boys love spy games, especially if it involves spying on their sister. This EyeSpy Eagle Helicopter is an awesome spy toy for older boys. With live streaming of video as you fly the heli is controlled by an App which you can download onto any Apple or Android device. With video recording, night vision and long range remote control this helicopter is an awesome 2 in 1 toy for under $80



4. LEGO City Spaceport - 60080 - LEGO bricks are always on a best toys list simply because they appeal to a broad range of interests. Space LEGO has been missing from the range for a while but with the LEGO City Spaceport interstellar LEGO building can begin once again. This medium sized set gives kids a lot of options for under $52, with a launch pad, 5 mini figures, space shuttle and detachable rockets this LEGO set is awesome for boys.



5. BIG Traffic Light Toy - boys love to ride scooters, bikes and ride ons and to keep them active and amused during outside play the BIG Traffic Light Toy is an awesome toy, with real working lights and proper green, orange, red light sequence boys can learn traffic rules or race their friends and try and avoid those red lights. A best-seller for kids of all ages, the BIG Traffic Light Toy can be combined with BIG Toys traffic signs and car ride-ons for even more fun.


6. Zuru Bunch O Balloons - no best toys list for 2015 would be complete without Zuru Bunch O Balloons, especially for the Australian summer. Traditional water balloons have been improved by a innovative Dad, who invented the easy fill action of the Bunch O Balloons. 105 water balloons can be filled and sealed in less than 60 seconds.

7. Monster Feet Steppers - an oldie but a goodie, these classic plastic feet are perfect for pre-schoolers and a best seller for boys. Giving a little bit of height, they develop balance and co-ordination and kids love climbing on top and pretending to be a giant monster. A great selection for boys under 7 years old for under $15

8. Bug Attack X-Shot Eliminator - boys love to shoot things and have battle games with each other. The Bug Attack range has added sticky bugs to a classic dart blaster game to make gun battles even more fun. The Bug Attack Eliminator can be played as a normal dart blaster or you can play on your own and shoot down the bugs. Soft dart's prevent injury and the bugs stick to all sorts of surfaces without leaving a residue.

9. Slime Baff - oh the joy of bathing in a bath of slime, puts a smile on any child's face, girl or boy. Don't panic Mum and Dad this stuff is easy to clean up, gentle of the skin, doesn't stain fabric or bathroom surfaces it simply awesome fun. Each pack is enough to fill up a standard bath with slime and it comes in three colours, blue, green and red.

10. Zoomer Dino Chomplingz - last but not least the Zoomer Dino Chompligz range is a great choice for boys who love dinosaurs and want to interact with their toy. 5 play modes, light up eyes and sensors that tell the Dino when you're interacting with them make these guys super awesome. Zoomer Chomplingz comes in three colours and are available for under $70

That's the Top 10 Boys Toys for 2015 in Australia so far.. there's more arriving before Christmas so sign up to our newsletter and check out the awesome range of kids toys we have available at great value prices.

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