Superhero capes to inspire your kids

By Toy Tester Dad - February 08, 2016

Superhero capes to inspire your kids

Since I was a kid in the first half of 1970 capes have changed, we’re not talking about the types of capes that are worn by the Goth Scene or Dracula but Play capes for children. I remember as a kid having two options, either you had a Mum who sewed you a Superman Cape or you were lucky enough to be given a genuine cape which was made of clear plastic with a slight blue tinge and a Superman S insignia. Back then the capes were cut to make “plastic Strings” around the neck causing unlimited opportunities for choking. Another feature of the 70’s cape included the mask, usually plastic and usually featuring a staple to hold on the elastic, these masks were the ideal way to induce red eye and knotted hair.

Despite this, dressing up as Superman and running as fast as I could down our driveway were some of the best times I had with my brothers and friends and some of the greatest adventures were had dressed in our (slightly) blue and yellow capes.

Unbeknownst to us we were engaging in open ended play, that is play with no structure, and no fore drawn conclusion or as we used to call it using our imagination, a factor that scientist now believe is amongst the most important developmental play a child can do in preparation for a lifetime of learning. It enables the child to learn :

  • Limits and boundaries
  • Imagination
  • Rulemaking (and breaking)
  • Co-operation
  • Self-regulation

Scientists have shown that this type of play develops cognitive skills and what is known as ideational fluency that allows the child not only the development of an idea in play and with others but also divergent reasoning that is so important in everyday life.

I am pleased to say the concept of the cape and dress up play is alive and well and far better than it was when we were kids.

www.toyuniverse now stock a range of capes that will have you looking twice at the price. No longer is Superman your only choice, and no longer is the play limited to boys, it was the 70’s after all and the Supergirl cape hadn’t been invented yet. These great range of capes feature 15 designs of some of the most amazing super hero characters ever created by the likes of Marvel Comics and DC Comics including Spiderman and Spidergirl, Batman and Robin, Thor, Batgirl and Wonder Woman all feature in the amazing range available.

Of course, Superman is still available, but that is where the similarities with the 1970’s ends. Each cape is made of soft silk like fabric in bright, vibrant colours that pop to life as they fly out behind the child as their inner superhero takes over and they run down the drive.

But that’s not all that has changed :

  • These capes are lined with a contrasting colour to the outside with the same style of silk like material.
  • Fitted with a Velcro tape to wrap the cape around the child’s neck for easy release if they get caught whilst on a mission.
  • Every cape needs a mask, these felt masks fit the small face snugly but pose no risk to your child’s eye from staples or sharp edges.

So these capes look the part, but do they transform you into a super hero?

I wore one for a day and I certainly felt the part. Alright, it was probably a little weird doing the grocery shopping but that’s what kids do, so I thought that it was essential that I do as well.

First these capes are bright, I am talking really nice deep colours that shimmer off the soft silk like material. The cape and mask were a little small, but that is probably to be expected given that I am over 45. As George Bernard Shaw said, “You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.” I measured the capes on my children and they seemed fine, in fact, that may be where this article ended as they wouldn’t give them back, I had to wait until they went to bed to try it again.

Now the kids are asleep I continued my careful analysis of the capes, and the concept of Super Hero Play in Australia today.

These Capes are well made the odd stitch was left loose but a quick nip with the scissors saw that taken care of. The Velcro tab works well and the mask is strong yet supple feel that certainly didn’t irritate the eyes for the 4 hours I wore it.

Having tried out Superman, I took a quick look at the rest of the range, all have similar features but each has its own distinctive colours. Not only great for play and colour but it makes your child really easy to find if they ever wander off at the Supermarket.

All in all, I am glad to see that the fun times, the adventures and the imaginative play we all had as a kid is still around and that kids will now experience much more than ever with the massive range of Super Heroes that have been transformed into a luxurious feeling cape and mask to harness your Childs imagination, or to create open ended play as the scientists call it today.

Right now I have to go, The Commissioner has activated the Bat Signal and I am still wearing the uniform!

Till next time...

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