Stepping on a LEGO...a thing of the past

By Toy Tester Dad - February 22, 2016

Stepping on LEGO

I recently walked into my house carrying a box, I couldn’t really see where I was walking and stepped barefoot onto the foot of a Lego space commander. As I hopped around on one foot, I tried to rub my foot to stop the excruciating pain whilst balancing my parcel. It looked like I might just make it when I hopped onto the funnel of Thomas the Tank Engine. The room began to spin, I heard a howl like a wounded animal and remember wondering why the box was in the air as I hit the ground, followed  by the box landing on my stomach. In the space of 30 seconds I had gone from hero to zero although I must admit it appeared to make my wife laugh no end.

As I lay there with my wounded pride, with my wife's laughing in the background I recalled similar incidents had happened before, although to be fair it was dark.  Apparently this happens to everyone with kids, at least that is what my wife told me when she finally stopped laughing and was able to talk coherently. No sooner do we pick up the Lego when the toy soldiers mysteriously appear (perhaps Toy Story was right about the toys coming to life).

Once I had recovered my dignity (and movement in my back) I was super excited to see the new Play n Pack range from was what had landed on my stomach along with ANOTHER few boxes of Lego to demonstrate, just what I needed !

I opened the box and looked at the bag, made of canvas material, as I spread it out, it stretched out to a perfect flat circle. I thought to myself “Geez, why didn’t I think of that?” but once my momentary jealousy subsided I was so amazed at the simple genius of the Play n Pack Systen that I declared there and then that it had the potential to bring world peace.I may have been slightly overexcited (or concussed by my earlier fall) but nonetheless I quickly realised it was the end of the nightime Lego Dance of Death and to paraphrase the great Neil Armstrong “One small step for toys, one giant leap for parents feet”.

I lay across the big round Play n Pack, I had lost my tape measure last week so was checking its width, it was soft and only my head hung over the edge so about 150cm is right. Easily big enough for two or three kids to play on I thought. The rope border was concealed and safely tucked away from little fingers.

Trying to describe what the Play n Pack does in an exciting way is difficult because it does so much and I only have 750 words.

The best way to describe Play n Pack is that it is a giant round playmat that turns into toy storage bag or all your dreams rolled into one. The Play n Pack works like a round, super tough, soft canvas style playmat that wipes clean.

I tested the Play N Pack for three days with my kids, in my testing I was able to pick up 5387 pieces of Lego in under ten seconds, 429 Thomas and Friends Carriages and tracks in under fifteen seconds and 1200 Hot Wheels cars in milliseconds. In my daughters room I could (somewhat delicately) pack away 32 Barbies and their assorted campers, convertibles and beach houses in just over 15 seconds. Not possible I hear you say? Don’t worry, I was once like you. The trick is the string. Little Johnny plays Lego all afternoon with his cousin Emma. At the end of the day the entire Lego collection is on the floor. BUT because the Play n Pack is out first, underneath all that LEGO, I simply kicked the odd stray piece onto the canvas, pulled the string and hey presto – all done.

The magic is in the rope border. Simply pull the string and lift the circular play mat at the same time and you are done. The mat collects all the toys as it turns into a toy sack as the drawstring tightens around the edge of the mat.

But wait that’s not all…………….

Where do you store a giant sack of toys, again magic…… The Play n Pack hangs on a hook, a doorknob or anywhere at all, stored and ready to be spread out for play next time.

Finally, the Backpack makes it perfect for transporting your child's toys simply pass the handle over the shoulders and magic…… The tough canvas like fabric holds everything inside. There is nothing the pack n play can’t do.

The Pack n Play is one of those simple and amazing products that people will look at and wonder why they didn’t think of that? 

In five bright and fun colours it will keep the fussiest of Interior Decorators happy whilst solving the painful LEGO walk.

Buy the Play n Pack at ToyUniverse.