Spend Quality Time with the Whole Family and Have an EGGcellent Easter!

Spend meaningful time with those you love. Let us resolve to cherish those we love by ending meaningful time with them, doing things together, and creating precious memories.

Want to make Easter even more EGGciting for your kids? Look no further than Toy Universe! Both ToyTesterMum and Toy Universe have got your back this Easter, with plenty of fun suggestions on how you can turn this year’s Easter into an exciting and memorable experience for you and your whole family.

Each household has a different way of celebrating Easter, whether it be through fast-paced egg-rolling competitions, thrilling Easter egg hunts, decorating Easter eggs, eating pancakes or other fun celebratory activities. Our suggestions include heaps of toys that will turn this year’s Easter celebration into the most unforgettable one yet!

While this year it is still recommended to celebrate Easter with a socially-distanced or virtual visit, here are a couple of fun treats that are guaranteed to make Easter even more special for everyone.

Since the pandemic started, everyone has been glued to their smartphones, computers, tablets and other electronic devices. In honour of this special day, ask everyone to put their gadgets away, for just a few hours, so they can cherish the memories they are making as they spend time with family.

Activities to make Easter even more EGGciting

Stock up your children’s baskets, just like how you’d fill up a Christmas stocking! Instead of a stocking, stuff an Easter basket with some fun-filled Easter goodies and surprises that will delight your kids!

Easter-Themed Treats for Babies and Toddlers

Do you remember how fun it was to go on an egg-hunting adventure when you were a kid? Your kids might not like the idea of being away from their gadgets for too long but show them that electronic gadgets are not always essential in order to have a good time! Treat your kids to Easter-themed surprises, just like Tomy’s Hide N Squeak Eggs, an egg-shaped shape sorting playset, the Build a Bot Bunny, which comes with 20 unique pieces to assemble, or Toy Story 4’s Bunny Figure, which lets kids go on imaginary adventures with the characters that star in their favourite movie.

Easter-Themed Treats for Kids Aged 5+

For dragon-loving kids, Easter can be just as fun! Hunt for dragon eggs, together with your kids, with Aqua Dragons’ Jurassic EGGspress Blister! Alternatively, this fun toy makes a great Easter basket addition! Another great toy that your kids are sure to love is the Hatching Llama Jumbo Egg, which - after a bit of TLC from your kids - hatches into an adorable little llama!

Easter-Themed Treats for Bigger Kids

Kids aged 8 and older might not be too keen on participating in egg hunts, but they are sure to love our board games, specifically Monopoly’s Speed Board Game, which features speedy gameplay that concludes in under just 10 minutes, Ravensburger’s Disney Villainous Game, which no Disney fan should miss out on and ThinkFun’s Chicken War Game, which promises entertaining rounds of silly laughter!

Easter-Themed Treats for All Ages

Young bookworms can enjoy the holiday too, with the Peter Rabbit Library Box Set, which comes with a total of 10 books that they can read together with the whole family, just with mum and dad, or by themselves.

After all the egg-hunting festivities, invite the whole family to a round of Kids Knows Best Trivia Game, the ultimate game to let the whole family finally settle the age-old question of who really knows best - the kids or the grown-ups?

While last year’s Easter celebrations were not exactly what we had hoped for, get EGGcited to make up for it this year! Easter is all about bouncing back and celebrating new beginnings. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you and your family enjoy a day of stress-free fun, filled with silly laughter, surprises, quality time and memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.