Playmobil Space Toys take kids on interplanetary adventures

By Toy Tester Dad - July 29, 2019

Playmobil Space Toys take kids on interplanetary adventures

We’ve all heard about Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 Moon landing at least once in our lives. Whatever age you’re in, it’s inevitable to be curious about the physical universe beyond our planet’s atmosphere. So, when Playmobil came out with the newest addition to their amazing toy range, boy did Houston have a problem. I was beyond thrilled! My kids were almost as excited as I was when I showed them the promotions. From astronauts to a super cool Space Station, this range will definitely take you out of this world.

Let’s start with the explorers. First up, the Playmobil Space Astronauts Figures and their thirst for exploration. This duo comes with everything they for their next Outerspace adventure like spacesuits, helmets, space boots and backpacks! Your child will be all over the moon when they combine this pair with the next few toys I’m about to mention.

The next Playmobil set is the Space Mission Rocket with Launch Site. This one is filled with really cool features that even as a parent, made me want to have Intergalactic adventures myself. Not only does it come with lights and sounds but this playset also comes with two maintenance crews to prepare the rocket for blast off and a fully equipped astronaut with Outerspace gear to sit at the cockpit big enough for one more astronaut to control the vessel for an Outerspace quest. This toy set will not only get your child defying gravity. They will also be preoccupied with creativity and their own imagination.

Playmobil Space Construction Sets

Add the Playmobil Mars Mission Satellite Meteoroid Laser to the Rocket with Launch Site playset and I swear, your child will be doing chores when you need them to because they’ll love it so much. This set needs some assembly, which will be enjoyed by your budding engineer. Once assembled, the Satellite with Meteoroid allows your child to save the day by blasting some meteoroids flying around in space while they’re on their way to maybe Mars or any their assigned planet. It comes with an astronaut, the awesome satellite with lasers to break-apart the included asteroid! This one drove my kids’ imagination wild with all the alien-fighting roleplay scenarios that we did.

Once your child lands the astronauts and the rocket safely, they’re going to be needing the Playmobil Mars Space Station Set for their base. Complete with two fully-prepared astronauts and their robot friend with an interchangeable face, the Space Station comes with a removable roof to access all the things needed for an awesome space exploration including an illuminated central hub to guide the astronauts back to the base after a long day of exploring, a ramp for entrance, sleeping compartments, an analysis laboratory, docking stations, fitness pieces of equipment, a movable laser gun for defence, alarm lights and sounds for alien invasions, radio contact, jet propulsion and space noises. The ideas that this playset brings is infinite and is bound to make your child reaching for the stars.

Last and definitely not the least, I want to mention the Playmobil Mars Rover. It’s the perfect addition to all the products I talked about above. It fits perfectly in the Space Station’s docking station and is the best vehicle to explore the Red Planet with! The rover comes with an astronaut figure and blue crystals that your child might find in the mysterious planet. This vehicle encourages children to imagine where the crystals are hidden, find them and to never stop exploring.


All of Playmobil’s toys are made to promote a lot of creative imagination for kids and those that are kids at heart. Playmobil’s Space toys were all made to keep your child engaged during playtime with the many play options that they can choose from while educating them about the functions of astronaut equipment and encouraging them to pursue their interest in exploring Infinity and Beyond. After all, according to Sally Ride, our future lies with our kids and tomorrow’s Space exploration.


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