Playmobil Launches into Space

July 26, 2016

Playmobil recently re-entered the earth’s atmosphere with a great new range of space models and figurines.

The people at Playmobil were no longer content with dominating the figurine play market here on earth, they are now seeking to colonise outer space as well.

This new range, titled the Playmobil City Action landed at our testing centre this week from our good friends at Toy Universe and Emma (a newly grown up 7 year old) and James (I’m almost 5) were quick to squeal with delight at these treats from outer space.

James is a self proclaimed space junkie and lover of all things space whilst Emma loves Lego and models and imaginative play, the perfect audience for this great new range.

The Playmobil City Action range is designed for ages 6 plus and at the moment is 3 models (hopefully with plans to expand), the Playmobil Space Rocket with Base Station, The Playmobil Space Shuttle and the Playmobil Meteoroid Destroyer.

James chose the Space rocket with Base Station whilst Emma took the Space Shuttle leaving me to play along with the Meteoroid Destroyer. The first thing you notice with these sets is that they do require some assembly unlike the animal models that Playmobil are famous for. The assembly is not particularly complex but some adult help might be needed. It only took the three of us about 15 minutes to put the three sets together.

Playing with the Playmobil City Action Range is really only limited by your child’s imagination and before long Emma and James had their imaginations in full flight as I was tasked with clearing an asteroid field so the Space Shuttle and Space Rocket were able to travel safely back to base station after a moon (otherwise known as a coffee table) exploration mission. I am pleased to report that I performed admirably and all spacecraft and astronauts returned safely to the base station. James and Emma are now reloading the ships with supplies to establish a moon colony.

Everything your child would need is included in each kit although the Space rocket and Base station do require AA batteries for lights and sound to work. These are not supplied which can be a little annoying if you are not prepared with a draw full of batteries.

The Meteoroid Destroyer fires plastic shafted and rubber tipped “bullets” to take out asteroids using a spring action. I will admit, they did add to the fun I had playing with the Meteoroid Destroyer and I don’t think there is much chance of them being a problem for children. The sounds and lights add another element to an already fun toy.


With loading apparently complete, Emma and James are calling me to the launch pad for the Moon Colonisation launch, apparently I have only a few minutes until blast off.

I think the Playmobil guys have made a worthy expansion to their products with the City Action range and I hope they continue to expand along the same line. The most likely age group to enjoy this toy is probably in the 6 to 10 year old age group, especially those children who enjoy models or Lego products as the City Action range build on similar themes.

It’s time for us to blast off for our Moon Colonisation mission, so with apologies to Neil Armstrong, “One small step for Playmobil, One giant leap for kids’ fun”