Play N Go is a stylish and easy way for kids to clean up their toys

By Toy Tester Dad - August 03, 2017

Buy Play n Go Toy Storage for Kids Online at Toy Universe

Kids love toys and we love kids having great toys but so many parents are faced with the problem of where to store them and we think we have found the perfect solution!

The Play n Go Storage System is available in 8 fun colourful designs, Panda, Jeans, Superhero, Diamond Pink, Pink Elephant, Badminton, Flamingo, Diamond Blue and OMY Colour Your Own designs. The OMY is our favourite because it adds a fun art project to personalise your Childs’ toy storage solution. With such a huge range of colours and designs there is sure to be one to fit your homes décor.

Play N Go Canvas Toy Storage - Road Map Design at Toy Universe

So what exactly is the Play n Go Storage system?

Well, it’s a toy travel bag, it’s a toy playmat and a toy storage bag all in one.

It really is a simple concept that solves the age old problem of toy storage and play space all in one. To use the Play n Go storage system you simply loosen the draw strings and lay it out on the floor to form a large circular mat for your child to play on protecting your floor from inevitable spills (it is fully machine washable), your child then plays with the toys on the play n go mat and when they are finished they (or more likely you) simply pull the 2 drawstrings tight to bag up the toys on the mat, what could be simpler? Once the toys are secured in the Play n Go, the drawstrings become handles which you can sling over your shoulder or carry like a bag and then hang the bag off a hook or door handle and like magic you have a neat and tidy play area!

Colour Your Own Toy Storage Canvas Bag at Toy Universe

Whether you are looking for a solution to Lego storage, Doll storage or Tonka Truck storage the Play n Go is a fantastic solution that will not only keep your house neat and tidy but will save you time cleaning up after your children have finished playing. Not only that but you can say good bye to the middle of the night Lego dance that all parents up till now had to learn to master.

The Play n Go Storage System measures a whopping 140 cm in diameter and 100% Cotton you can load it up with plenty of toys for a trip to Grandmas, the beach, the park or just the backyard.

The Play n Go is fully machine washable so can be used indoors or out and is so sturdy that the manufacturer guarantees them for a whopping 3 years, unheard of in children’s toys but it’s true!

We think the Play n Go should be the Number one sanity saver for parents in any toy room and with its sturdy design and thick fabric, not to mention a 3 year warranty, is a must have for your Childs’ toy collection.

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