Paw Patrol Releases New Roll Patrol for all those Paw Patrol Vehicles

May 08, 2017

Paw Patrol would have to be one of the most loved TV series for this generation of youngsters and the toys that are created by Spinmaster are a great way for children to expand their imaginations with their favourite characters by creating adventures that only Paw Patrol can save.

The latest version of the Paw Patrol range of toys, Paw Patrol Roll Patrol, has hit the shelves in Australia and we took a look at the range. The Paw Patrol Roll Patrol are a series of toys that are set on a track in what is known as Adventure Bay. Each set includes a number of pieces of track, a Paw Patrol Mini Figure and another Mini Figure (often an animal) as well as a Racer and each set includes its own “trouble spot” where someone or something is going to need rescuing from by our intrepid Paw Patrol character.

The great thing about the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol range is that it is easily expanded as your child collects more and more of the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Racers and tracks as each are compatible with each other enabling your child to expand their imagination and play well beyond the television series.

The Paw Patrol Roll Patrol is available in Australia in 5 different sets that include:

    Miss Emily (6) and I  got our hands on 2 of the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol sets, the Launch N Roll Lookout set and the Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue Track set and we have to admit to being pretty impressed by these toys, both of which came with everything you need to get started (including easy to follow instructions) and were compatible with each other if you wanted to join them together to expand your version of Adventure Bay.

    The Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Skye & Zuma Lighthouse Track Set is one of the more advanced sets and is impressive in its scale and size. Once assembled Emily had Skye flying around the lighthouse on the motorised arm looking out for trouble in Adventure Bay. Once Skye spotted Wally the Walrus, Emily set about launching Zuma into his hovercraft to save Wally from his trap in the net. After an almost flawless rescue Wally was set free to paddle the waters of Adventure Bay again.

    The Paw Patrol Launch N Roll Lookout Set was equally impressive in its size and scale and is especially good for the Paw Patrol Racer enthusiast. With its Hilly bridge, the Racers need all the power they can muster to get over the hump. Luckily the Garage features room for up to 6 Racers and with the twist and push of the periscope the launcher provides plenty of power to climb over the top of the bridge before racing down the other side.

    Any child who loves Paw Patrol will love the new range of Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Sets, there is even a railway track set for the train aficionado in your family.

    We know how much kids love Paw Patrol and we think the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Sets are the start of great adventures for your child and the Paw Patrol Gang. Emily gave the range a 4 ½ out of 5 and we tend to agree.

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