Our Generation Dolls have arrived at Toy Universe

By Toy Tester Dad - May 28, 2019

Our Generation Dolls | Our Generation Accessories at Toy Universe

Our Generation Dolls are all at Toy Universe

Our Generation Dolls are 18-inch, realistic design dolls that all arrive with different life stories to inspire children to imaginative play and developing their own life stories. Our Generations dolls have careers as veterinarians, lifeguards, travelers, bakers, Safari-explorers, food truck vendors, surfers, bowling champions, ballerinas, figure skaters, horseback riders and so much more. 

Each Our Generation Doll has a different look which can be customised by your child with the huge range of Our Generation Doll Clothes sets and accessories sets. Your child's imagination will run wild with this fun range, and best of all Toy Universe stocks the entire Our Generation range. 

There are so many options for play with Our Generation, where do you start?

All Our Generation Dolls are at Toy Universe

If your child has an affinity for animals, then perhaps they will enjoy the vet and pet range from Our Generation. Start with  Paloma, the veterinarian doll who has a pair of stunning brown eyes and curly brown shoulder-length hair. She keeps animal friends healthy and happy. She’s dressed in her veterinarian uniform with pink vet scrubs and comes with a variety of vet tools and accessories to take care of pets at the Healthy Paw Vet Clinic. Paloma can start taking care of a patient in the form of Our Generation puppies. The Our Generation Posable King Charles Spaniel Pup whose soft fur is white and spotted with brown and has fluffy ears would make a great companion for Paloma. Your little animal-lover would definitely enjoy playing with Paloma and the Posable King Charles Spaniel while reenacting veterinarian duties and responsibilities.

 Our Generation Vet Doll and Pet Accessories

Maybe your child likes baking. If so then your little one would definitely love to have Jenny. Our Generation Jenny has beautiful freckles, a pair of blue eyes and blond hair. She loves making pastries that she even comes with loads of baking accessories. Jenny also comes included in the Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset.  To make things even more exciting, the playset comes with a kitchen counter that includes a microwave, a stovetop, an oven, a sink, a window, tons of cupboards, a fridge and so much more. The set also includes a dining set complete with a table and seats for two and utensils so Jenny can serve her friends some delicious homemade meals. Lastly, the set comes with a party planning set that has everything one needs to prepare for a party so Jenny can invite more of her friends to try her delightful new recipes. You can motivate your child into pursuing their passion for baking by playing with Jenny and Our Generation Gourmet Kitchen Playset.

Our Generation Dolls and Baking Accessories at Toy Universe

Does your child show interest in exploring and discovering new things? Your little one would be pleased to meet Naya, a doll with a pair of green eyes, long blond hair and has her heart set for adventures in the Safari. Naya is a little daredevil who isn’t afraid of looking a little silly so she wears a tulle skirt during her adventures and comes with an extra outfit, a cute animal-printed dress, for when she’s not trying to dig around grounds for new life forms in the Savannah. She also comes with a chapter book that tells the story of how she explores her new home in a big city. Our Generation My Way and Highways 4x4 would be a great addition to Naya’s arsenal for when she’s exploring the wilderness. It’s a non-motorised vehicle that has a backseat for luggage or pets that your child wishes to bring with Naya for their next exploration trip. Let your child be inspired by Naya and her thirst for discovery to be more adventurous and free.

Our Generation Dolls Going on Safari

Travelling can be a dream to some children. Make that dream come true for your child with Reese, a doll with a pair of beautiful brown eyes and has sleek long-brown hair whose passion is to travel. She comes in a pink t-shirt, a pair of denim pants, a yellow scarf and a pair of flats. She also has another set of outfit that includes a pretty dress that has a floral print and another pair of shoes that go with it. Her accessories include an MP3 player, a satchel, a camera, a passport, a suitcase and a neck pillows. To complete Reese’s traveling needs, Our Generation Ride Along Scooter can provide the perfect way to cruise around. The three-wheeled scooter comes with an adorable design that your child would love with a soft seat that contains a compartment for Reese’s belongings, a detachable side-car for luggage or even a pet that wants to travel too and a helmet for safety. The scooter also makes realistic horn and engine sounds as well as functioning headlights and brake lights for a more realistic experience. Let your child imagine a journey with Reese and Our Generation Ride Along Scooter where they can travel around to make new memories.

Our Generation Scooters and Dolls

These are just some of the wonderful collections that Our Generation has to offer. There are so much more to see and discover in the world that Our Generation dolls have. Let your child have a toy to play with that they can relate to and enrich their creativity and imagination through play with Our Generation.

Our Generation Horses at Toy Universe Australia

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