NEW Rev Racer Zero G are Friction Powered Bikes that Defy Gravity

September 06, 2017

The Rev Racerz Zero G range has landed in Australia and we were able to check them out to see what all the hype was about.

The Rev Racerz have been around for a little while. The little friction powered motorbikes are small enough to fit in your pocket but fast enough to create some classic spills and thrills in the playground at school and with a huge range, kids have been swapping and duelling them in playgrounds all over Australia.

The Brand Rev Racerz Zero G range takes advantage of the bikes small form and incredible speed to create a toy that appears to defy gravity.

It is worth noting that the Rev Racerz and the Rev Racerz Zero G may look similar, but they are a world apart.

The Rev Racerz Zero G come in five different kits so there is one to suit everyone’s needs and with the most expensive set costing less than $35.00 for the Supersonic Sprint Track and the cheapest at under $10 for the launcher there is a Rev Racerz Zero G to suit every budget.

The Rev Racerz utilise a launcher that sends the Zero G hurtling along at scale speeds of 450km/h (that is the manufacturers way of saying it is really fast for its size!) and the rest is up to you. You can buy a single Rev Racerz Zero G and send it hurtling down the playground or you can expand your horizons and take advantage of the Zero G sets that are truly gravity defying.

The top of the range Rev Racerz Zero G Supersonic Sprint Pack is for the true speed and stunt demon in the house. Featuring 2 loops and a zero G tube the challenge is to launch your Rev Racerz Zero G and see if it will defy gravity and make it through the Zero G Tube in a record time before launching off the ramp at the end of the track for some serious air. Race your mates or challenge your best time, either way it is a hair raising dose of fun.

Stepping down in price, but not in attitude is the Zero G Burn and Turn Track, with a single loop, longer straight segments and of course, the Zero G tube it is every bit as challenging for the uninitiated and the jump at the end of the track really gives the Rev Racerz some serious height.

The kits all come with everything you will need, including a Rev Racerz Zero G and all the parts click together easily and quickly to setup or expand your set. However, being so popular, one Rev Racerz is never enough. The Rev Racerz can be brought individually or in packs of four, with the four pack including a freestanding ramp for freestyle fun and with Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red and White available randomly you will want to trade with your mates to collect the whole set.

We loved the original Rev Racerz, and there is nothing about the Rev Racerz Zero G range that isn’t better than the original.