NERF Nitro brings cars, stunts and blasters together in one toy range !

By Toy Tester Dad - July 12, 2017

NERF Nitro brings cars, stunts and blasters together in one toy range !

Nerf continues to reinvent fun with their latest offering, the Nerf Nitro range from Hasbro.

The Nerf Nitro takes the Nerf Gun concept to a whole new level with an exciting twist that opens a whole new field of play for children aged 5 plus who love speed, stunts and fun challenges.

The Nerf Nitro concept centers around a lightweight foam car that is loaded into the Nerf Blaster. The included accessory ramps and obstacles are then set up to challenge the driver to find a clear path of destruction to launch the Nitro car up the ramp to get some serious air. Will the Nitro hit the obstacles or sail straight over the top to get the maximum distance?

Nerf Nitro can be played as a single player game or challenge your friends to see who can get the most distance, jump the tallest obstacle or knock down the most obstacles. Nerf Nitro can also be used for straight out drag racing with 2 or more blasters, set up your course and see who has the speed to cross the chequered flag first.

The exciting part of the Nerf Nitro, apart from speed, is that they have done away with a track altogether, this is a true take anywhere kind of toy that takes seconds to set up and packs away into a small space for ease of storage. Gone are the days of flimsy plastic tracks that constantly fall apart and take up an entire playroom, these Nerf Nitro’s are portable and versatile and can be set up in seconds.

The Nerf Nitro has a starter set, called the Nerf Nitro Throttle Shot Blaster which includes one foam Nitro Car and Throttle Shot Launcher with 2 obstacles and is a great way to dip your toe into the range. Once you’re hooked, and we think you will be, it’s time to get serious with the bigger sets, The Nerf Nitro Flashfury Chaos Blaster, which is the largest set which includes the Blaster, three Nitro Cars, the Long Jump Ramp and 2 pop up obstacles for an added dimension of challenging fun or The Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash Blaster, which includes the Blaster, two Nitro cars, four obstacles and the Long Jump ramp. You can expand your collection with additional Nitro Cars (Sold Separately in packs of three with four varieties).

The Nerf range from Hasbro has been popular for generations and, whilst the new Nerf Nitro range is a switch from the traditional “shoot em up” type toys that Nerf are best known for, we think they are filling a unique slot in the market with this challenging, high speed car game with action and stunts that will appeal to a wide variety of kids. Add in its versatility with its “no track” set up, combined with the Foam Nitro Car to protect walls and skirting boards and we think Nerf have created a unique way to inject fun into your child’s life.

We had the Nerf Nitro Flashfury Chaos Blaster to test. The first thing we noticed was the lightness of the cars, they are super light, but the plastic chassis makes them solid enough to withstand the rigours of being slammed into obstacles. Some of the interactive obstacles required a small amount of assembly, simple and quick to create and then you have to insert the firing pin into the Launcher itself, again quick and simple. We did like the safety mechanism on the bottom of the Blaster, essentially it can’t fire unless it is on a solid surface, this should avoid the temptation for children to shoot each other with cars.

The Nerf Nitro range is really awesome fun, it has a ton of power and speed and is really easy and versatile to use. We loved how Nerf has reinvented the race car concept and, in our opinion improved it out of sight and we think your child will be just as excited by them as we were.

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