NERF Modulus for the big kids

By Toy Tester Dad - April 18, 2016

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This week I was quite surprised to find my children, Ben (15) and Emily (13) ready to test out some new toys. These days Ben and Emily have no interest because “toys are for little kids” but as I looked inside the box I saw why they were so keen. I have to admit I was almost just as excited.

The Nerf N Strike Modulus range had arrived. At first glance these look like some of the best Nerfs I had ever seen. We were lucky enough to have the full Modulus range from which included the Nerf N Strike Modulus ECS10 Blaster, Ionfire BlasterRecon MkII Blaster and the two accessory packs.

As we headed into the backyard I had grabbed the ECS10, whilst Ben had the Recon MkII and Emily had the Ionfire. As soon as the boxes were opened, and the ridiculous wire ties were removed, we were ready for battle, well not quite, but we were standing in awe of these impressive units from Nerf. According to the box, we could create over a thousand different Nerf combinations, we decided to take their word for it. Armed with 100 Nerf Darts each we had a few more important things to get done.

First we each did a little target practice as we took aim at the poor old gum tree, we're pretty sure we heard it groan in fear. Accuracy and range is some of the best I have experienced from Nerf or any other blaster brand.

As I lined up for a bit more target practice I was hit in the stomach, looking around I saw Emily disappear behind the water heater with Ben looking to lay down a little cover for her it was then I knew, we were at war.

The dog quickly declared himself to be neutral as he ran backwards and forwards between both sides wagging his tail. I decided to hide behind the poor old gum tree. I fired a few shots, they missed but now I was in the battle.

After nearly 2 hours, 3 cease fires and 2 old man stops as my children called them, we were done. We were out of darts and I was out of energy. Actually now we are out of darts, Ben just shot me in the leg with his last dart.

The general consensus was these were some of the best Nerfs we had played with. The two Upgrade kits are not essential but they are super cool. The long range upgrade for the ECS10 Blaster adds a longer barrel, a scope and a tripod to steady your shot. We spent about 20 minutes just shooting at the pool skimmer on the other side of the garden.

On the other hand the Stealth Ops Upgrade kit, again for the ECS10, is for the super stealth spy. With a red dot sight, a proximity barrel for close action and a folding grip for a steady hand. The red dot sight had me believing I was Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible, the kids quickly “persuaded” me I wasn’t!

I think those children at the lower end of ages 6 plus age range might need a little bit of help with the upgrade Kits but they would certainly be okay with the Nerfs, they are lightweight and easy to use.

The Nerf N-Strike Modulus Range is a massive variation on the earlier models and are sure to appeal to everyone in the age group 6 plus. 

The guys at ToyUniverse tell me there are more Nerf Modulus toys arriving in the second half of the year, so all three of us are hoping we get to test them out too !