My German Ride On Car Test Drive

By Toy Tester Dad - February 16, 2016

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Recently I received a phone call to review a car, not just any car, but a German car, and quite honestly all I could think of was the smooth purr of those engines.

Leather Seats, Premium Sound System, Superior handling, Gadgets and everything nice about driving passed through my mind before I found myself agreeing to a time and place for this test. In hindsight I perhaps should have wondered why a German Car Manufacturer would pick me to test their premium car but at the time the smell of leather was wafting through my brain so when I turned up at the allotted time and place I was more than a little bemused as I thudded back to reality and realised we were talking toy ride on cars from the of Big Bobby Cars, great for your up and coming pre-schooler who wants to be seen driving the right car in all the right places.

Now we may not be looking at Leather Seats but the quality of the Big Bobby Car is every bit the quality of a German Engineered Vehicle with outstanding safety features and a high quality range of options for the most fussy of drivers. Let’s take a look.Under the bonnet the Big Bobby Car is powered by the 2 pumping pistons, or legs as they are more commonly known, of your toddler or younger pre-schooler. Now these engines appear small in size but they have going power equivalent to any German V6.

The seating is not leather, but is perfectly placed to avoid any accidental flips during those burnouts that all younger driver seems to be notorious for and comfortably cradles the drivers backside as they race the vehicle on the track.

Safety is a very strong feature in these vehicles with several optional accessories to raise both driver safety and of course, ensure the vehicle maintains control, even if the driver falls asleep ! The optional Big Bobby Handleor the Big Bobby Premium Push Rod Handlewhich allow bystanders to take control of the vehicle at the first sign of driver fatigue and to then manouver the vehicle safely to the side of the road. A first for German Engineering and so easily fitted with the unique Big Bobby clamp fitting it is a wonder that these don’t feature as standard equipment on all vehicles.

To quote Henry Ford, the Inventor of the modern day motor vehicle, “You can have any colour you want” as long as it is Red, Blue, Black or Pink and with no metallic paint available there are no hidden charges.

It really is easy to see why over 6 million of these vehicles have been sold worldwide.


Of course one of the pleasures of owning such an exquisite vehicle is to take it out on the track to see just how well it handles in everyday life. To do that, in a simulated environment (Do try this at home kids) have given us a few of the Big Road Sign Mega Sets and the Big Traffic Light. The Big Road set has 6 signs, printed on each side with different signs and the Big Traffic Light is able to run a four way intersection with ease.

At 184cm or 6ft 1” on the old scale, the first thing I noticed about the Big Bobby Car as I took off down the track was the legroom, clearly designed for a smaller driver but nonetheless I was able to fit with a bit of adjustment that was made much easier by the unlimited headroom. The vehicle stooped on a dime with the application of the foot brake, turned easily and felt really safe even whilst skidding to a complete stop.

The only thing I would say is that the boot space is as good a non existent. However you don’t buy a car like this for the boot, you buy it for the image but if you do need to haul a cargo, the folks at Toy Universe tell me you can get a very reasonably priced Big Bobby Trailer to haul around all the things a toddler hauls.

Will despite my initial disappointment at the size of my German Test Car, I was overall very pleased to have been given the chance to drive such a special vehicle. It is easy to see why they are the gold standard in toddler ride on vehicles and with 4 models over 6 million sold worldwide its good to see the motoring public do as well.

My only problem now is that I may have bragged about my new job as a car tester at the morning school drop off and I did promise to bring it by the school this afternoon. At least I should get noticed when I pull into the school car park.

Until next time....