Making Easter more exciting for your child!

April 13, 2022
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It’s Easter week! So grab the chocolates, the kids toys and the boardgames and get your family ready for the extra-long weekend. From Good Friday to Easter Monday, this annual four-day break is the perfect time to get the family together. We know with the recent Australia floods and cyclones, many families are going through a tough time. We want to share our empathy and wish you a Happy Easter with your kids.

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How can you make most of the long Easter weekend and build lifelong memories with your children? We’ll show you traditional Australian Easter celebrations and tips on how you can do something different for Easter this year with your kids.

Classic Easter celebrations for the family

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For many Australians, Easter is a time to spend with family and friends. Here are the main ways Aussies like to take advantage of the long weekend:


Easter is a great excuse to take a mini-holiday; whether it's through a camping trip, a staycation, or just visiting family living in different cities. Things like this will become core memories for your children. Spending time together, doing puzzles, playing boardgames – all EGGstra FUN! Your kids will treasure these memories for years to come.

Family meals

Aussies love a good seafood feast or backyard BBQ! Get the extended family and friends together, share a meal, and show your children the importance of good relationships. The kids can even cook up their own fun with pretend play toys like the Deluxe Toy Kitchen Set. One day, your little ones will be grown and inviting you to their own Easter Barbeque Feast!

Easter shows

Each state around Australia has their own Easter carnivals and events where you can have fun and win new toys for the kids! It’ll be a real treat for the family. Of course, for those in Sydney, you can’t miss the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Give your children a sensory experience with petting zoos, animal shows, carnival rides and, who can forget, the classic Easter show bags!

Easter eggs galore

Easter egg hunts are a must for children in Australia. Make sure the Easter bunny (or Easter bilby) comes to your household this Easter. It’s an opportunity for your children to practice their searching skills, get a little exercise, and even learn to share the goodies they’ve collected with the other kids.

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How you can make Easter more EGG-citing

Make the Easter Egg Hunt interesting

Turn the Easter Egg Hunt into a game for the kids with clues and riddles. Your kids will need to be alert, active thinkers who can cooperate in a team. It will be great for both young and older kids - hey, even the adults can join in!

Grab new kids toys for the family

Oftentimes, we feel we don’t have enough time to play with our children. Easter is a good opportunity to spend quality time together over exciting new toys with the kids. Let your imagination run wild with pretend play toys like this Princess Dress Up Set, or get the family working together with board games and puzzles!

Decorate eggs

Drawing and/or painting some hard-boiled eggs with your children will nurture their creativity and fine motor skills. You can make it a science experiment by dying the eggs with natural dye! Onion skins, beetroot, turmeric, and red cabbage each make lively bright colours and your child will be amazed at how their food can do that.

Make your own family traditions

Of course, you can make your own family traditions. Your kids will love anything you do as a family and will be excited to share their unique experiences with their friends and (eventually) their own kids in the future!

Here’s an example: fill water guns or water bottles with washable non-toxic paint and water and spray at a canvas (or sometimes each other)! It’s great fun for your kids and you’ll even have nice abstract paintings to remember the holiday by.

Making Easter More Exciting for your Child | Toy Universe

Fun Easter facts your child will love:

  • The world’s largest chocolate Easter egg was made in 2011 in Italy, weight 7,300kg!
  • Australia has its own Easter Bilby - these are endangered native species and buying the chocolate Bilby means you’re helping save these cute fluffs!
  • In old Swedish folklore, the day before Good Friday is the day witches fly to a mountain to dance with the devil. So these days in Sweden, the children dress up as witches and go door to door wishing people a happy Easter and receiving treats – like an early Halloween!
  • There is an old superstition that says wearing new clothes on Easter will bring you good luck for the rest of the year.

With that, we wish you an EGG-cellent Easter! Make it a special one for both your kids and yourself by hopping into these fun activities! Whether you’re solving puzzles together, playing with toys for the kids, or trying out a new boardgame, you are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

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