Laser Pegs the Light Up LED Construction Bricks making construction play even more fun

August 03, 2016

I will admit that I have a soft spot for Lego, it’s challenging, fun, a great challenge for younger kids and an exciting connection to my own childhood all rolled into one.

So when this week’s toy arrived I am not sure who was more excited, me or my 4 “volunteers” who were keen to get started before I even arrived.

Laser Pegs are a new take on the old idea of “Construction Bricks” and add a whole new technology base to any “construction brick” brand including the major one. Unfortunately, Lawyers prevent me from telling you which is the major “Construction Brick” toy but you get the drift.

As the box was upturned, Mr James (5), Ms Emma (7), Mr Ben (16) and Ms Emily (13) quickly grabbed their prize and began ripping open boxes. Mr James made a show of “reading” the instructions and the others, well, let’s just say instructions are not their strong point.

Ultimately, instructions or not, Laser Pegs are as simple as snapping together a few blocks to get started and being open ended, it really didn’t matter what they built.

The folks at Toy Universe had sent us over five sets of the Laser Pegs. The range included the 8 in 1 Bulldozer and Helicopter, the 6 in 1 Dragster and the 4 in 1 Helicopter and Car. Each Laser Peg is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Each Laser Peg set is an open ended toy but they do include multiple sets of instructions as referenced by the numbers in front of the names, for example, the 4 in 1 range includes ideas for 4 separate models, the car, formula 4 mini, sprint car and the modified mud racer. Realistically though you could make almost anything by combining the Laser Pegs with pieces from your favorite “construction bricks” sets as they are compatible with almost all of them.

It was about now that the testing center (my dining room) was plunged into darkness and the completed models were tested out. The various models flew and drove their way around the room with a variety of squeals and mimicked sound effects from the testers mouths. But the lights and colours were what really set these “Construction Brick” toys apart from other brands.

The models are fitted with a battery power pack that powers the LED lights installed in the Laser Peg (each toy has 2 or 3 Laser Pegs included dependent on the size of each set) and the colours glow through the translucent bricks which create a light show as the toy races around the room.

My testers range in age from 5 up to 16 and each of them was kept entertained for a solid 45 mins. After 45 minutes “construction Brick” sets were pulled out of the cupboard and pretty quickly Dr Frankenstein was creating a hybrid beast from different parts in their collections.

As I said, I love Lego and other “construction brick” toys, they have a special place. The team at Laser Pegs have taken the humble “construction brick” and using modern technology created a worthy enhancement to the humble “construction brick” that will add fun and laughter to any “construction brick” lovers’ day.

It seems that we are not the only ones who think the Laser Pegs are a great addition to any “construction brick” collection. Laser Peg has cleaned up at more than 20 toy awards since its introduction including Coolest Toy, New York Toy Fair 2016 and Creative Toy of the Year to name just a couple.

I highly recommend the Laser Peg for your “construction brick” fan and so does our Prime Minister, these are the building blocks of S.T.E.M. Learning skills he believes will be so important for your children’s careers as adults.

Right now I need to “check out” Frankenstein’s baby, a HeliDozercar that appears intent on destroying my test center.