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By Toy Tester Dad - March 10, 2020

Kindi Kids Dolls and Toys at Toy Universe Australia

Dolls have come a long way since I’ve first heard about them back in the day. They used to be these scary things that I never understood how girls liked them - and no, I’m not talking about Barbie dolls. I’m talking about the huge ones that close their eyes when you lay them down. Anyway, from then on, I never kept tabs on them because those things can haunt your dreams. Years later, my toddler starts talking about Kindi Kids. I had no idea what she was talking about until she showed me these cute little dolls that were nothing like the ones I used to see! Apparently they even have this little show on YouTube and of course, being dad, I had to watch it. Turns out, it’s a show that follows these kindergartners with fabulous hair and colourful outfits inside the Rainbow Kindi. It features Shopkins as some of the side-characters, giving the show a magical vibe with talking groceries, backpacks, scooters and more. During the first day of school, the 4 Kindi Kids were introduced - fun little Donatina, the gentle Marsha Mello, sweet Jessicake and the bashful Peppa-Mint. Together, these girls enjoy their time playing with each other as well as interacting with talking Shopkins. At the end of each show, they do this cute little Bobble Dance that I have since mastered.

Kindi Kids Dolls | Perfect for PreSchoolers | Buy Online at Toy Universe

When my toddler finally asked if she could have a Kindi Kid doll, I asked her if I could have a Kindi Kid doll. With our joint persuasion skills and some rendition of the Bobble Dance performed for mum, we got the dolls and some accessories! 

Honestly, I don’t know who was more excited for unboxing. Was it my daughter, who had been watching the show since it first aired? Or was it dear old dad me, who binge-watched all the episodes a bit more than a few times to learn the Bobble Dance? Okay, let’s start with the review!

First up, we have Donatina. She’s described as a sweet little girl but I do remember her coming out bossy in one of the episodes because she thought it was her birthday. As it turns out, it wasn’t so she apologised and made it up to Jessicake, Marsha Mello and Peppa-Mint. Donatina, along with the other Kindi Kids dolls have oversized features that my toddler has a blast playing with simply because it’s easier for my daughter to grasp. She comes with a Magical Spoon Shopkin to scoop into the Bowl of Cereals Shopkin. My kid likes to help Donatina “feed” from the spoon by taking the spoon out of the cereal then putting the spoon in the doll’s mouth to make the cereal disappear because she said it makes her feel like she’s taking care of her baby. It’s really adorable.

Kindi Kids Donatina Doll at Toy Universe

Next is Marsha-Mello! I like this character because she’s actually really chill. I mean that as a toddler kind-of-chill, so still pretty energetic. In one of the episodes, she was trying to teach Jessicake some yoga poses as a way of helping her “chillax” a little bit. In another episode, it was revealed that she’s also quite forgetful which obviously happens to the best of us and helps kids accept that part of being human. Her doll version comes with a Babycino Shopkin and a cute Cakepop Shopkin that kids can unwrap to feed Marsha-Mello then reset by placing it back to its wrapper over and over.

Kindi Kids Donatina Doll at Toy Universe

Last of the Kindi Kids from the first 7 episodes of the show is the shy little Peppa-Mint. At the beginning of the series, she was shown to be extremely bashful but after some coaxing from the Kindi Kids, she finally manages to open up and soon became friends with them. Talk about character development, am I right? She’s a soft-spoken little girl who likes playing with Jessicake, Rainbow Kate and Marsha-Mello and is a huge ice cream fan! Her doll version comes with a Magical Spoon Shopkin and a Bowl of Ice Cream Shopkin. My toddler loves “feeding” Peppa-Mint a bit more than feeding Donatina because when the spoon is pulled out of her mouth, there’s a “surprise” flavour thing that happens.

PeppaMint Doll from Kindi Kids is super popular with little kids

Now, we have the super hyper Rainbow Kate who doesn’t appear until the 8th episode of the show. This little girl seems to have a never-ending supply of energy. Just like the other Kindi Kids dolls, her rainbow-coloured hair is brushable and is very shiny. In one of the show’s mini-episodes, Rainbow Kate was shown to have a restless tendency that even Marsha Mello and Jessicake can’t seem to calm down. There’s nothing than she loves more than playing with the rest of the Kindi Kids. Except maybe for her rainbow slushie. She comes with 2 interactive Shopkins (definitely bigger than their usual form) - a Slushie cup Shopkin and a spinning Cupcake Shopkin that’s super fun for little fidgeters.

Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate Doll at Toy Universe

I realised after playing with the dolls alongside my daughter that the dolls actually do have heads that bobble, which makes recreating the famous Bobble Dance way easier than trying to do it on my own. I also realised that playing with them without the magical Shopkins like the talking fridge and the adorable resident Shopkins (my fave are the 2 funny eggs), the pup scooter and the very much alive supermarket playset with the talking kitty booper. So I got those too. Unfortunately, the toys don’t talk in real life, which I was really looking forward to because that’s what literally gave them character. But they’re all still super fun and here’s why:

Opening up the Kindi Kids Fun Refrigerator was actually super entertaining. It comes with her resident Shopkins like the Ice Cube Shopkin, the Lettuce Shopkin and my favourite Egg Shopkin duo! Now, it was very fun to see the characters in real life but the interactive features took the playset to a whole other level of mind-blowing fun. My toddler adores loading up the ice cube into the freezer then dropping it into the included cup because she said it feels like she finally has her own fridge that she can actually reach. She also loves twisting the magnets to make the funny eggs jiggle inside. Not to mention that she now keeps about 10 of her Shopkins inside the Kindi Kids Refrigerator upon finding out that it can actually house them all! Really, it’s super awesome.

Kindi Kids Accessories extend playtime for kids

Let’s move on to the adorable pup scooter with an accent (in the show). His toy version is big enough for the 10-inch (approximately 25cm) Kindi Kids dolls to ride (please don’t let your kids ride this poor little pup). He comes with flapping ears that mirror his counterpart from the show, 2 adorable Shopkins (Smoothie Shopkin and Strawberry Shopkin), a cup holder to keep the Smoothie Shopkin safely secured during the ride (also for on-the-go slurping!) plus a cool compartment to store a Shopkin in for delivering! He’s not electronic so he needs a little push here and there to get to his destination.

Last and definitely not least is the down-sized Supermarket Playset! The Kindi Kids in the show enjoy getting supplies for their everyday adventures from the supermarket. It comes in a decent size (24x24) and is perfect for recreating scenes from the show just like how my toddler does it. She weighs some items on the scale, checks them out using the kitty scanner, a cash register with a card slide to open to keep the included coins in and even uses the cool conveyor belt that drops the items into the waiting shopping basket. It even comes with a Cold Storage area to let the included OJ and Bananas Shopkins “chill” in while waiting. Get it? Ha ha! 

Kindi Kids Toy Accessories for Kindi Kids Dolls

Overall, my toddler and I had a lot of fun trying to recreate our favourite episodes with all of the toys that we got. I even asked her to make up her own scenes as we went and had a lot laugh as she started to forget some of the characters’ personality traits which really reminded me of Marsha-Mello. It was adorable! The Kindi Kids show is definitely a must-watch if you’re a parent who’s looking for a way to connect with your toddler. With oversized features perfect for little hands, the Kindi Kids line of toys will certainly encourage your child to use their imagination and keep them moving during playtime.

Kindi Kids Toys and Dolls are perfect for kids from 3 years old

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