How to Find More Time for Yourself as a Mum

Being a mum can be challenging at times! Though it is undeniably one of the most meaningful and fulfilling ‘jobs’ you will ever have, it sure is not a walk in the park! To help all you mums out there, we have compiled a list of 10 easy things that you can do to find more time for yourself, which we promise will make all the difference! Though finding time for yourself might mean different things for different mums, with these 10 helpful tips, you’re sure to find something up your alley that will offer you some peace of mind!

1 - Plan your sleep schedule 

Though oftentimes, it seems as though there’s simply no time for anything, our first easy hack to find more time for yourself is to be smart when it comes to sleep schedules! Waking up that half an hour earlier, or staying up just an extra couple of minutes once you’ve put your child to bed, can make all the difference to mums craving just a little bit of alone time. Use that extra bit of time to make yourself a great cup of coffee, get some fresh air, or do whatever it is that you do to relax!

2 - Unplug that device 

Though being a part of the most technologically-savvy generation in history has its perks, our constant need to check our devices also leads to a lot of stress - as well as, unfortunately, a lot of wasted time. Our second tip is to set yourself an amount of time, during which you will NOT look at your phone, tablet or any other distracting electronic device. Not only will this allow you to focus on the tasks at hand without getting distracted, but you’ll realise how much extra time you have when you’re not constantly staring down at your device

3 - Pencil it in

It might sound like a joke, but we’ve heard from several Toy Universe mums that creating a daily schedule makes them far less stressed! Knowing exactly what and when you’re supposed to be doing all that needs to be done can make life far more organised! Not only will you be aware of all that you need to get done each day, but you’ll also be conscious of the amount of time it takes you to complete in order to get on to the next thing! Find a free time slot, designate it as ‘mum time’ and enjoy some extra me-time

4 - Some TV time is okay

Yes, we agree that plonking your child in front of the television 24/7 is not the way to go, but now and then, it’s perfectly okay to reward your child with a little TV time and at the same time, reward yourself with the chance to start that book you’ve been meaning to read. Having some time to yourself, with the knowledge that your child is fully occupied (even if it means relaxing on the couch while your child watches TV next to you) can make a huge difference to your day!

5 - Cut down on meal prep

Another super practical tip to find some more time for yourself is to cut down on meal prep by cooking double in advance! Make double the amount of spag bol and freeze half for later! Not only will it take you the exact same amount of time to prepare, but it means that you'll have some extra time for yourself to do whatever you’d like

6 - Get some assistance from your support network! 

It’s okay to ask for help! Get your partner or a family member to take over the helm for a bit and enjoy some quality me-time! Knowing that there is someone responsible there to look after your kids will allow you to relax worry-free, with the peace of mind that you’ve got some time to do whatever it is that your heart desires

7 - Take advantage of nap time!

Nap time presents the perfect opportunity for you to receive a little R&R. Use this time that your child is asleep to lounge on the couch, pour yourself a glass of something (we’re not judging!) and put on your favourite show! What could be better than that?

8 - Multitask multitask

Take some time to enjoy the things that you like doing, and hang out with your kid at the same time! If going for walks is your favourite way to spend time, why not take your kid along in their stroller for the ride!? Enjoy whatever it is you enjoy doing most and entertain your child as well!

Alternatively, if books are your thing, we recommend listening to your favourite audiobook while doing your daily chores, to add some enjoyment to your otherwise mundane day-to-day activities

9 - Consistency is key

Be consistent with your plans. Ensuring that you do the same activity every so often, such as going to an exercise class every Monday morning or going out with the girls once a month, will make it much less likely to be cancelled or rescheduled. Knowing in advance also makes it much easier to arrange a plan for your kids, so you get to enjoy some much needed and much-deserved, quality mum-time!

10- Make waiting time productive

Truth be told, as a mum, you’re most likely going to be spending lots and lots of time waiting for your child: whether it’s at the doctor, in the school pickup line, or at an after-school activity. Make use of all of this time by listening to an audiobook, playing your favorite songs, watching the sunset, or by just taking deep breaths and meditating! Not only are you bound to feel more relaxed, but you’ll be making great use of time that you didn’t even know you had!

Though it can sometimes be hard to put yourself first, it’s super important, not only for your own physical and mental well-being, but for your kids’ physical and mental wellbeing too. A calm, happy mum is a good mum. By making time for yourself, your kids will recognise just how important it is for people to look after themselves, teaching them an incredibly valuable life lesson.

Give our easy, super practical tips a go and let us know how they work for you!!